Can you provide details of the US Consulate Generals interference in Chinas internal affairs? Chinas response

 Can you provide details of the US Consulate Generals interference in Chinas internal affairs? Chinas response

Beijing Radio and television: Chinas first Mars probe, tianwen-1, was launched yesterday. Some foreign media believe that Chinas entry into the ranks of Mars exploration is to increase its fight for dominance in space. How do you respond to this?

Wang Wenbin: this statement does not conform to the facts. Yesterday, Chinas first Mars exploration mission, tianwen-1, was successfully launched, officially opening Chinas independent Mars exploration journey. This is not only a moment to be proud of and proud of by the Chinese people, but also a cause of widespread concern in the international community. Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, European Space Agency, French space research center, German Space Center, NASA, United Arab Emirates space agency, International Academy of Astronautics and other institutions, as well as Russian, British, Japanese and Argentine counterparts sent congratulatory messages or congratulatory videos to China. China is grateful for this.

Chinas Mars exploration is an open platform for scientific exploration. This Mars exploration mission is not only the result of self-reliance and independent innovation of Chinese space workers, but also the result of international space cooperation. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the exploration mission, China has carried out a number of cooperation with European Space Agency, France, Austria, Argentina and other organizations and countries.

As for some medias view that Chinas space activities are aimed at seizing the dominant position in space, this interpretation is not correct. The progress of science and technology should serve the peace and common progress of all mankind. Chinas space industry is an important part of mankinds efforts to explore and utilize outer space peacefully, which is exclusively used for peaceful purposes. As the person in charge of Chinas National Space Administration has introduced, the starting point of Chinas exploration and Research on Mars is to improve humans scientific understanding of the universe, expand and extend the space for human activities, and promote the sustainable development of human civilization. The Pacific Ocean is big enough to accommodate all countries in the world, and the universe is so vast that all countries can explore and cooperate together. In fact, since 1996, Mars probes have been launched in almost every launch window. This year, it is a new climax that many countries gather at the Mars launch window and open deep space exploration.

China is willing to carry out international cooperation in the field of space with other countries on the basis of mutual respect, openness, inclusiveness, equality and mutual benefit, so as to make positive contributions to mankinds exploration of the mysteries of the universe, the peaceful use of space, and the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

Reuters: first, this morning, the Chinese foreign ministry informed the US side to close the US Consulate General in Chengdu. The US side was asked to close its Consulate General in Chengdu within three days, the editor in chief of the global times tweeted. Can you confirm that? Why did China choose to close the US Consulate General in Chengdu? The second problem is that US Secretary of state pompeio delivered a speech on China yesterday, saying that blind contact with China is not feasible. We should not listen to Chinas words, but observe its actions, and adopt the strategy of distrust and verify China. What is Chinas comment on this?

Wang Wenbin: on the morning of July 24, the Ministry of foreign affairs of China informed the US embassy in China that China had decided to revoke the license for the establishment and operation of the US Consulate General in Chengdu, and put forward specific requirements for the Consulate General to stop all business and activities.

On July 21, the United States unilaterally provoked the incident and suddenly asked China to close its Consulate General in Houston, which seriously violated international law, basic norms of international relations and relevant provisions of Sino US Consular treaties, and seriously damaged Sino US relations. Chinas above-mentioned measures are a legitimate and necessary response to the unreasonable acts of the US side, in line with international law and basic norms of international relations, and in line with diplomatic practices.

The current situation between China and the United States is something that China does not want to see, and the responsibility lies entirely with the United States. We once again urge the US side to immediately withdraw the relevant wrong decision and create the necessary conditions for the return of bilateral relations to normal.

Some personnel of the US Consulate General in Chengdu engage in activities inconsistent with their status, interfere in Chinas internal affairs and damage Chinas security interests. China has made representations on this issue many times, and the US side is aware of this.

As for the specific issues you mentioned, China has put forward specific requirements for the US Consulate General in Chengdu to stop all business and activities. Diplomacy is about reciprocity.

I would like to make a response to your reference to pompeios speech. On July 23, pompeio delivered a speech, maliciously attacking the Communist Party of China and Chinas social system, and making groundless accusations against Chinas domestic and foreign policies. Pompeios remarks ignore the facts, confuse the black and white, and are full of ideological prejudice and cold war thinking, which is a hodgepodge of the recent intensive fabricating of political lies related to China by senior officials of the US government. In this regard, China expresses strong indignation and resolute opposition, and has made solemn representations to the US side.

In the 71 years since the founding of new China, the Chinese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have blazed a path of development suitable for Chinas national conditions and made great achievements attracting worldwide attention. History and facts have fully proved that Chinas choice of development path is completely correct and has won the heartfelt support of the people. Recently, a survey report released by Ashe Center for democratic governance and innovation of Kennedy School of government at Harvard University shows that the Chinese peoples satisfaction rate with the Chinese government is higher than at any time in the past decades, more than 93%. The Chinese people will continue to unswervingly advance along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

For some time, some American politicians have deliberately provoked ideological disputes, talked about changing Chinas tone, denying Sino US relations, and provoking Chinas relations with other countries, aiming to divert the attention of the American public by slandering and suppressing China, so as to score points in the internal affairs of the United States. These American politicians tricks can not deceive the American people and the international community! It must be emphasized that, as far as social system is concerned, China has no intention to change the United States, nor can the United States change China. When President Nixon visited China in 1972, the Shanghai communique issued by both sides clearly pointed out that there are essential differences between the social systems and foreign policies of China and the United States, but the two sides should handle the relations based on the principles of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country, equality and mutual benefit. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States 41 years ago, the development of bilateral relations has repeatedly shown that cooperation will bring benefits to both sides, while confrontation will hurt both sides. Cooperation is the only correct choice.

The Chinese side noted that the US side arranged the speech at the Nixon Presidential Library. President Nixon was the icebreaker of the United States that started the process of normalization of Sino US relations and made contributions to the development of bilateral relations. But for those American politicians who concoct China related lies and spread Anti China fallacies, history is just, and any attempt to reverse history, contrary to the wishes of the Chinese and American people to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, will not succeed!

The policy towards the United States has been clear and consistent. We are committed to developing a relationship of non conflict, non confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation with the US side, while firmly safeguarding our sovereignty, security and development interests. We urge the U.S. government to abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological bias, correctly treat China US relations, stop negative words and deeds, and create conditions for the return of bilateral relations to normal.

China International Television: it is reported that US Deputy Secretary of state Bigan said on the 22nd that the United States and China can continue to cooperate on the North Korea issue while competing with each other in other fields. China still has a lot to do in implementing binding sanctions against North Korea and preventing evasion of sanctions, and the United States will continue to engage with China on this issue. What is Chinas response to this? Under the current situation, is China willing to continue to cooperate with the United States on the Peninsula issue?

Wang Wenbin: China pursues an independent foreign policy. Whether it is to develop the friendly and cooperative relations between China and the DPRK, or to deal with the peninsula affairs and promote the political settlement process of the Peninsula issue, China will act on its own position and judgment.

New York Times: the US side has given China 72 hours, three working days from Tuesday to Friday, to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. You just said that diplomacy is about reciprocity. So, has China set a 72 hour closing time limit for the US side? Do these 72 hours include Saturday and Sunday? Or on weekdays?

Wang Wenbin: as I said just now, China has put forward specific requirements for the US Consulate General in Chengdu to stop all business and activities. Diplomacy is about reciprocity.

Phoenix Satellite TV: first of all, it is reported that the US side is arranging diplomatic personnel stationed in China to return to China recently, including arranging a chartered plane to fly from the United States to Shanghai. In addition, the US side is also arranging charter flights to Tianjin and Guangzhou. Can you confirm and introduce the situation? Second, when talking about Sino US economic and trade agreements, US President trump said that because of Chinas role in the spread of the new coronavirus, the trade agreement reached with China is of little significance to him. What is Chinas response to this? Is the Sino US economic and trade agreement still being implemented?

Wang Wenbin: China and the United States have maintained communication on the arrangements for the return of US diplomats to China.

On your second question, the new coronavirus is the common enemy of mankind. China has always maintained that all countries in the world should work together to deal with the virus and should not label and politicize the virus. Throwing off the pot and blaming China will not drive away the virus and save the patients.

I suggest you ask the competent authorities about the Sino US economic and trade agreement.

Reuters: can you provide details of some personnel of the US Consulate General in Chengdu engage in activities inconsistent with their identities and interfere in Chinas internal affairs?

Wang Wenbin: the US side is well aware of the relevant issues.

Russian reporter today: it is reported that Indias ambassador to Russia said on the 24th that BRICs foreign ministers planned to meet in Moscow in September. Can you confirm that? Will state councilor Wang Yi and foreign minister attend?

Wang Wenbin: novel coronavirus pneumonia is still rampant around the world. BRICs are facing challenges. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control in their own countries, the BRICs countries actively promoted pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and held relevant meetings and activities in flexible ways to jointly maintain the development momentum of BRICs cooperation. China fully supports Russias work as the BRICs president this year. We look forward to new progress in BRICs cooperation this year under the leadership of Russia and through the joint efforts of all members. According to the Russian arrangement, the BRICs foreign ministers formal meeting will be held in early September. All parties will meet and keep close communication on relevant arrangements. The current international situation is complex. China looks forward to exchanging views with other parties on the outstanding challenges facing the international community through this meeting, and to make preparations for the leaders meeting.

I would also like to mention here by the way that the 10th BRICs economic and trade ministers meeting was held on the evening of July 23 in the form of video. The meeting adopted the joint communique of the 10th BRICs ministers of trade and economic cooperation and the joint statement of the BRICs countries on the reform of the multilateral trading system and the WTO. The ministers of the five countries agreed that, in the face of the severe situation of increasing downward risks in the world economy, BRICs countries should adhere to cooperation and overcome difficulties together, strengthen cooperation in the field of supply chain value chain, jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system, avoid taking unilateralist and protectionist measures, support the WTO to carry out necessary reforms and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing members.

I would like to emphasize that BRICs countries are emerging markets and big developing countries with global influence. Under the current situation, the BRICs countries uphold the spirit of openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, and strengthen solidarity and cooperation in the economic and trade field, which will not only provide impetus for the economic recovery of BRICs countries, but also contribute to maintaining the safe and smooth operation of the global industrial chain supply chain and promoting the world economy to get out of the haze as soon as possible.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia yesterday held a special video conference on coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. What are the highlights of this meeting?

Wang Wenbin: China novel coronavirus pneumonia special meeting was held in July 23rd with China in Latin America and the Caribbean countries. State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi presided over the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and the Central African Union were all focused on the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on issues such as coordinating the efforts to prevent and control the Sino Latin American epidemic, restore economic and social development cooperation, ensure food security, promote Sino Latin American cooperation and multilateral cooperation. Novel coronavirus pneumonia joint special statement was adopted by the conference.

In light of the 60th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic relations between China and Latin America, China stated at the meeting that three things will not change in developing China Latin America relations, that is, Chinas will to promote China Latin America relations from a strategic height and a long-term perspective will not change, its determination to deepen China Latin America solidarity and cooperation and achieve common development will not change, and its vision of jointly promoting South South cooperation and improving global governance will not change.

China has also seized one belt, one road and two sides, to fight against the epidemic and economic and social development. It has made relevant initiatives and initiatives in five aspects, namely, deepening the epidemic prevention and solidarity cooperation, working together to safeguard the economic and peoples livelihood, promoting the building of the one belt along the way, enhancing the overall cooperation power and strengthening the coordination of global governance. Chinas public health project actively promotes the emergency allocation of funds from the FAO China South South Cooperation Trust Fund for Latin America to cope with the food security challenges brought about by the epidemic situation; jointly support the World Health Organization to play its due role in the international anti epidemic, firmly oppose politicizing the epidemic situation and labeling the virus; and promote practical cooperation between China and Latin America to ensure the epidemic situation On the basis of one belt, one road is to tilt back to the direction of resuming production, stabilizing employment and protecting peoples livelihood. In the framework of one belt and one road, China and Latin America will develop new cooperation patterns such as public health, digital economy and 5G as the representative of new infrastructure. In a timely manner, the forum of China Latin American agriculture ministers forum will be held in the framework of China Latin America forum, and the third session of the Sino Latin American Forum will be held as soon as possible. The long-term meeting will support the multilateral system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law, oppose unilateralism, protectionism and bullying, promote the construction of an open world economy, build a fair, reasonable and transparent international economic and trade rules system, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries. The above statement and relevant anti epidemic cooperation measures were highly praised by Latin America.

The fruitful results of the meeting have once again proved that China Latin America relations, after 60 years of development, can withstand big storms and waves, not only will not retrogress or reverse due to temporary difficulties, but will also radiate new vitality in the joint response to challenges.

New York Times: last night, the Chinese military issued a sea closure announcement and planned to conduct live ammunition exercises in the sea area west of Leizhou Peninsula from July 25 to August 2. Does the exercise address US Secretary of state pompeios involvement in the South China Sea? Or is it aimed at the US sides request to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston? Or is it just a planned exercise to celebrate the August 1st military day?

Wang Wenbin: I dont have the information you mentioned. You can ask the Ministry of defense of China for information.

AFP: Cai Wei, Chinese Consul General in Houston, said in an interview that the Consulate General will remain in operation until further notice is received. Can you confirm that? If the Chinese Consulate General in Houston refuses to close, what consequences will the consular staff face?

Wang Wenbin: the Chinese Consulate General in Houston is still in operation. We urge the US side to withdraw the wrong decision.

Reuters: according to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese side requires the staff of the US Consulate General in Chengdu to leave the country within 30 days. Can you confirm?

Wang Wenbin: as I said just now, the Chinese side has put forward requirements for the US Consulate General in Chengdu to stop all business and activities. Diplomacy is about reciprocity.

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