Japans 40 year old actress is seduced by her body and looks like a schoolboy

 Japans 40 year old actress is seduced by her body and looks like a schoolboy

This 40 year old Japanese woman, in fact, her real identity is the First Sex girl in Japan - Yasuo anda.

Not only does he keep his young face with round face and round eyes, but also has a good figure of wearing thin clothes and taking off clothes with flesh.

However, the former anda Youshi was not so beautiful as she is now, because her husband cheated on the young model and was forced to divorce, which made her once haggard into a yellow faced woman.

Instead of becoming a miserable mistress, anda Youshi, who reorganizes her mind and lives again, continues to struggle in the performing arts circle.

He appeared in numerous fashion magazines with a pure and lustful face with a vague age. In June this year, he appeared on the cover of daily necessities cancam, becoming the oldest cover character in the magazines history (but there is no difference between it and 20-year-old models, right).

In terms of emotional life, anda Youshi remarried and married the son of a Japanese real estate tycoon, and became a wealthy family.

Now a mother, anda Youshi has recently taken a close-up photo on INS. She is still so watery and her skin is white and transparent.

Perhaps the freezing age is also genetic. Anda Youshis 65 year old mother is also very young.

As for the netizens concern about how to maintain good looks, she once said: make up should not follow the trend and fashion, but should reflect their own personality. Its the best way to make up with such a sense

In addition to her make-up, she also attaches great importance to body management and mental maintenance. She said, my skin is very vulnerable to the influence of internal emotions. As soon as there is any change in spirit, my skin will immediately get worse. So, keeping calm may be the only thing Ive been paying attention to

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