My family always dislike me for earning less and not making progress.

 My family always dislike me for earning less and not making progress.

My former blind date always ended up in nothing. Maybe the day before I talked, I would not answer the phone and contact with each other the next day. Whats more, I have to take care of my family more easily and dislike the feeling that I earn less.

I am full of a negative environment, I also feel that I am not progressive enough. If I look at my mobile phone for more than an hour every day, I will feel that I have not learned;

If you eat a little more in the evening, you will feel fatter again;

In class, I feel that Im talking about repetition again, and I havent learned anything new. I feel that everything is not happy! However, do not know what to learn, how to improve self-confidence?

Generals reply:

Influenced by your parents and relatives, you are confused about your direction.

Its good to make progress, but theres nothing wrong with not making progress.

It is more meaningful to find your own position and make the right choice than to pursue advancement.

With all due respect, between the lines, I feel that you are trying to make others feel that you are making progress. Your intrinsic motivation is not strong.

Just as you say I dont know what to learn, it is precisely because you dont have a clear goal. If you really have a desire to make progress in your heart, you should be confused with which one I want to learn or I want to learn a lot, Im afraid I cant learn it..


So, temporarily put aside the idea of progress, focus on what you do, and carefully experience your own feelings. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied? Are you happy or anxious?

Dont let other peoples feelings take the place of your feelings, because your feelings are the real guide to the direction.

I know that encouraging you to make progress is the most politically correct proposal, but does everyone really have to work hard and break through themselves?

Tight life has tight pleasure, relaxation also has relaxation happiness, self consistency is good, can be responsible for their own good.

Theres nothing wrong with not making progress. You dont have to brainwash yourself. You have to struggle all the time.

Why do we have to get out of the comfort zone? It is also a valuable wisdom to enjoy life in a comfortable area.

In fact, compared with what you need to learn and how to make progress, my suggestion is that you should first change your perspective.

Your family will habitually emphasize you have nothing, what have you done wrong, for example, parents say that you have no right to speak in future marriage, and sister says you spend too much money.

Its the same with you. Playing with your mobile phone for more than an hour doesnt mean that you havent studied, and eating more doesnt mean youll get fat, but youll only think of the negative part and deny yourself first.

Play mobile phone for an hour, but if you study for three hours, you will learn and eat more. But if you eat healthily and exercise, you wont get fat.

What you dont do or do not do well can not determine the result of a thing unilaterally and absolutely. Every link in this process has a part that you can play, and there can be positive solutions.

Including the repetition of the teaching content you said, the knowledge points are true to repeat. The way you teach, the examples you give, and the interaction between you and students can bring forth new ideas from the old and iterate from time to time!

If you really want to explore the direction of progress, then start with these small things, turn negative into positive, people will be more happy.