36 year old women, can only close their eyes to get married?

 36 year old women, can only close their eyes to get married?

At that time, as long as I saw the couple, my idea was that, ha ha, sooner or later, I would break up, until now, I have not been in love and married.

I insist on love first, otherwise I cant face the firewood, rice, oil and salt. My friend said that I didnt open my heart knot before. When I opened it, I was over 30 years old. There would be no more love, only fuel, rice, oil and salt.

I am a little confused, so many years of single, I feel very good, I love travel, have my own room, I can buy things I like, I enjoy life.

But because I am a woman, I have the risk of childbirth, and my family members are worried about my loneliness and endless urging. I dont know how long I can be myself. Can I really only marry with my eyes closed?

I think youre a little bit like another world.

Age is the same, independent, enjoy single, but also face the unknown, occasionally be urged, so I think you will be the same as me, confused for a while, the next day will still pick up the spirit to firmly move forward, not be coerced by other peoples voice.

Share my thoughts as an older single woman, just as a kind of communication.

I dont think its for completeness, but for happiness and happiness.

We all hope that we can get happiness and happiness, and which way to get to this destination is not so important.

Being self-sufficient, I have more time and energy to do what I like and please myself. I think this kind of life is already very happy. I am not unhappy because of being single. Therefore, love and marriage is a bonus, not a required option.

I think anyones life is not complete enough. It is a kind of happiness to get married and have children, but it is also faced with trade-offs. We should give up our time and energy to build and maintain relationships. We have gained because we have lost it.

Since we all want to lose, there is no difference. Why should we use the standard of marriage and birth to be strict with ourselves? I do have a feeling of regret. I seem to have told you that when I went to Avignon three years ago, I saw the most beautiful sunset in my life. When I was intoxicated with it, I also had flash thoughts. At this moment, those who did not love shared it.

On the way back, I was relieved to think of that moment, because when I thought that if I had married and had children in parallel time and space, I might not have time to travel across mountains and rivers, or have a chance to catch a glimpse of the sunset.

Let me enjoy the happiness of my lover in the parallel space-time. In the present time and space, I should cherish the happiness of exploring the world independently and freely. We will be happy and tortuous.

Fate has let me open the door of the world, enough for me to gallop, so there is no need to turn around and ask it, why is that window closed?