Son lovelorn, as a mother how to comfort?

 Son lovelorn, as a mother how to comfort?

I am angry and distressed for my son. I dont know how to comfort him? Thank you for your help!

Generals reply:

Its hard for adolescent children to share their feelings of lovelorn with their parents. This shows that parents and children have established a channel of communication and trust, so you dont have to worry too much. If you can communicate with each other and have such a good foundation, problems can be solved.

Focusing on the matter of lovelorn, we have all experienced that no matter how old you are, you will have negative emotions in the face of lovelorn, which is a very normal emotional reaction.

Especially when the son is in puberty, his emotional feelings are easy to be magnified. Insomnia, loss of appetite and inattention are the necessary processes.

As parents, there are several specific suggestions:

1. Respect and dont interfere with his feelings.

You can discuss it, but dont say dont be sad, dont be sad.

Because this way of communication will make him feel sad is shameful, sad is wrong, he will feel that his parents do not understand him, but will also suppress his emotions, which will slow down the healing speed of time.

Let him feel and experience, this is a complete process of facing setbacks, he will experience sooner or later.

2. Sharing your experience is better than simply comforting.

Children can open their hearts to talk about lovelorn with you. At this time, parents can use friend communication to talk about the lovelorn experience you have experienced, what mood, what thoughts, and how to get better again.

Sharing experiences can make children feel your Empathy and help them get rid of their inherent thinking and get new perspectives and inspiration.

3. Headache can cure feet, what do you mean?

Now he is full of lovelorn. The more he pays attention to his lovelorn and focuses on it, the more he will immerse himself in it. It is a good way to encourage him to play ball games with his classmates and travel for relaxation.

As a parent, you can do something with your child.

This is not only to divert attention. When we do other things, we will have new feelings and new understandings, and these feelings and understandings will also be transferred to the cognition of lovelorn.

Finally, I would also like to say to you that it is enough to show proper concern and worry in front of children. Dont worry every day, because your emotions will also infect your children.

The more sad you are, the more you make him feel that lovelorn is really a bad thing and this is really a setback. Ordinary heart is also very important to him. As a parent, this is the most important power you can convey.