The rest of your life is long, you just follow your own pace

 The rest of your life is long, you just follow your own pace

I feel like Im a failure. The people around me seem to be living the life they want according to their own ideas. Some people find their favorite jobs as soon as they graduate. Some people do what they like every day. They are full of passion. Some people find someone to stay with for a lifetime, and their love is happy and sweet. Only a few days ago, I just quit from the last company, and I didnt have a job. Even my feelings were still blank and I didnt enjoy my life at all.

Unconsciously, each of us seems to be subconsciously instilled with a universal idea of how old to work, how old to get married, how old to have children. But these are just judgments given to us by the outside world, not our real life. Everything in life has its own time. At different stages, we should also have our own rhythm. We should not be easily affected by the outside world. In fact, most of the depression is in contrast with others, we always stand in the same place to observe other peoples life, in order to compare with ourselves, because we only see the good side of each others life, we feel envious, always feel that all people seem to be very happy, only ourselves have a bad life. But in fact, everyone will have their own rhythm of life, we should not always live in the envy of others, master their own life is the most important. Because even if the products produced by the same production line will have different places, even if we all have the same life template, we will not spend this life with the same rhythm.

Whats more, you can see that even if you play the same musical instrument, you can see the same level of music? In the same dimension, we all have a unique trajectory of life. Although there will be a standard answer at each stage, life with only one answer is very boring, isnt it? Everyone is different in life, and the degree of receiving information is different, so there will be different scores and qualifications. Therefore, each of us will have a different life journey. Even if we get off at the same site, we will have different stories. The same 22-year-old gets off at the University Station. Some people choose to continue their further education, some find a good job smoothly, and others will find a suitable job after several years. Some people dont even go to college, but they find their own interests. Everyones emotional line is also different. Some people find the right person in college and get married as soon as they graduate. Some people meet people who like them during their work. Their love and career are fruitful. Some people are still living alone until they are 30 years old. Are you sure those who have good jobs are happy? Are those who seem to love each other happy? Will a persons happiness index be halved? I dont think so. Whether you are happy or not is only clear to you.

A friend who had listened to my program for several years left me a message about the ups and downs of his career, and then got married and had children after he became stable. He asked me if I was doing well? I think for a long time, there are good and bad. Good thing is, I can spend all my spare time doing things I like, doing radio, traveling, cooking, gathering and chatting with friends of all ages. The elders can listen to their stories, peers can chat with them about their children, and little kids can get up high. Well, its right to say its free. But a persons lonely time, also always inadvertently hit. No one repairs the broken lamp at home, which can only cause trouble to the property uncle again and again; most of the time, the newly learned dishes can only be enjoyed by ourselves; when I wake up in the middle of the night, the room is dark, which makes me afraid. Some people told me that it was time to get married at this age, and others said to me that they envied you for not having a marriage and children. To tell you the truth, I also contradict, I also tangle, but all the racking brains have no way to solve the real problems.

I often feel that I am an over rational person. Even if all the so-called impulsive things seem, they are crazy after rational thinking. In fact, I do not like this, too rational people, in fact, life will not be so ideal. Because life is just too much uncertainty, too many things that you cant control. In fact, no one can judge whether the current choice is right or wrong, including himself. However, if we do not manage intelligence or sensibility, all the final choices will have a good side, but there will also be some bad ones. Its just that when facing these things, its better to be more calm. Its a waste of time to regret something. Think of some time ago, Liu Haoran delayed graduation on hot search, many people have a dispute about this, but who stipulates that graduation must be at the age of 22? Live your life in your own rhythm, even if you graduate at 25. You can be happy without marriage at 30. Theres no shame in starting a family at 35. Its cool to have kids at 40. We all care too much about other peoples eyes, so we constantly ask ourselves to rely on the established rules, but what is praised in the eyes of the outside world may not be suitable for your rhythm. Life should be in accordance with their own ideas to spend, not because of a temporary retreat and anxious, the rest of life is still very long, as long as you work hard enough, you want will come. But dont easily change the rhythm of your life, that way, its not fun at all.

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