Sven: my husband has done the most romantic thing, is a good divorce!

 Sven: my husband has done the most romantic thing, is a good divorce!

After her search, Siwen Cheng Lu compiled many jokes on the Internet.

For example, their mutual friend Liang Haiyuan was once called Liang Sicheng of the talk show.

Of course, divorce is divorce, and Liang Sichengs friendship will not change.

Another example is that someone cant make complaints about the talk show, but the Tucao conference can not be casually.

Li Xiaolu went to Tucao conference and said: its really true to make complaints about yourself.

It wasnt long before the scandal broke out.

Make complaints about Yu Quans Tucao assembly, which is ridiculed by Angela Chang: as long as the starting point is high enough, downhill will be enough for you to go all your life!

Not long after Chen Yufan was exposed to drug abuse, the combination dissolved, and went downhill completely.

In his Tucao conference, he make complaints about couples becoming brothers.

Its often asked whether there is pure friendship between men and women, she said? I think so. My husband and I are.

Sell the double bed and change it to the upper and lower bunk. Hes your brother in the upper bunk.

Unexpectedly, a word becomes a proverb.

About divorce, Cheng Lu predicted more than once.

Once, he imagined how romantic he would be if he was super rich. He said a very funny divorce strategy.

He suddenly pointed to the big screen and said, wife, look!

At this time, many people who had been hired in advance jumped out, clapped their hands and cried, divorce! Divorce! Divorce

Then he knelt on one knee and said, wife, I have a word that I want to tell you for many years. We will leave.

Then the people next to him worked harder and clapped their hands together: promise him! Promise him! Promise him

I promise you, we will never be together.

After four years, it is inexplicably sad to watch this talk show again.

Because in the whole talk show process, whenever she comes to the laughing ground, Cheng Lu cant help looking at Siwen, who is sitting on the side and giggling.

Psychologists say that if a group of people are laughing, one cant help looking at the other person.

Thats his favorite person.

When love is there, they love so sincerely.

After love is gone, they divorce gently in tears and smiles, just like in fantasy.


Only those who really love can get a good divorce.

Recently, Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu of thirty things also divorced.

Their divorce went well, only when there was a dispute over the division of property.

The house is the fund-raising house of Chenyu unit.

Faced with such an important asset, Zhong Xiaoqin was a little guilty and confirmed to him: are you really willing to give me half of the house?

Chen Yu didnt even lift his head and didnt take the house seriously.

Out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Yu said, Ill take you back. Anyway, you have to go home to get things.

No, Zhong said

However, together, they found that Chen Yus car was posted with a ticket.

Because when they got married, they walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau together, and tickets were posted on their cars.

At that time, Chen Yu hugged Zhong Xiaoqin and joked, wife, it means that we cant come back to this place in the future.

The implication is that we will never divorce.

At that time, Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin really wanted to live a lifetime.

Now that the marriage is gone, they cant help but leave the best to each other.


Happy families are the same, but unhappy families have their own misfortunes.

Divorce is the same.

After watching more peaceful divorce on TV programs, and then looking at those life and death divorce tragedies in real life, you will find that:

A good divorce is a blessing.

The divorce of Siwen and Cheng Lu tells us at least two things.

First, no matter how good the feelings are, if they are not well managed, they will eventually be destroyed.

Husband and wife are husband and wife, while lovers are lovers.

Dont treat your wife as your relative, and dont treat your husband as your brother.

Love is the original intention of marriage, which can not be replaced by any emotion. Otherwise, people can marry their girlfriends and brothers, and they dont need love at all.

Once love is lost, any forced smile will not help.

Second, we must marry people who really love each other.

But when it comes to divorce, its obviously different.

You know, the so-called intimate to sparse husband and wife. Husband and wife are two people who live together in the closest way and know each others weaknesses and weaknesses.

People who have not loved, its easy to turn into enemies when they divorce. For the sake of petty gain, they can directly attack each others death.

And those who really loved it wont.

This is just like Xu Feng in fragrant honey sinks like frost. Because of misunderstanding, she is ruthless and wants to kill Jinmi.

However, the phoenix feather that he gave to Jinmi when he was in love with him immediately turned into wings and surrounded him to fulfill his mission: to protect Kamei!

You see, even if love cant guarantee that you will always be together, it becomes love.

It will still protect those who once wanted to protect.

This is how important it is to find someone who really loves you to get married.