Minors growing up in online pornography: porn addiction, ruined my sex life

 Minors growing up in online pornography: porn addiction, ruined my sex life

If it is not an article, I do not know that the Internet world of minors has been polluted to this point.

Some time ago, Jiege wrote about virtual lovers. Lovers Pavilion is an enhanced version of virtual lovers.

Lovers Pavilion is a platform to provide online virtual love. Most of the employees are minors who want to earn some pocket money.

They provide online love, chat, play games and other green companion services, more, is blatant sex trading.

As long as you pay a dozen to a few hundred yuan, you can buy underage girls panting, naked chatting, even making love with a Mac, or even SM services.

15-year-old pig (online name) wants to find a part-time job. She saw the post Mei Yin virtual lovers hall on the Internet for games and chat, so she decided to try it.

She paid a membership fee of 30 yuan. After she went in, she found it fishy.

In that QQ group, the youngest is only 12-14 years old, and the managers themselves are only 14 years old.

After entering the group, she, who focuses on chatting list and game list, cant receive single at all.

One screen swipe down, is full of chatting dirty list and video single, it is naked erotic trade.

The scale of naked chatting, voice bar, video, even wheat, and undressed video is astonishing

Where is the lovers pavilion? Its clearly online prostitution.

I cant imagine that the people who take orders here are teenagers.

When we were teenagers, we probably didnt know what SM was. Todays minors have made money on these.

In our impression, 14-year-old or 5-year-old should be the age to sit in the classroom, read seriously, run on the playground, bathe in the sun, think about which university you want to enter, and strive for your youth dream, instead of appearing in the group to chat and sell your body.

When their peers think about how to improve their performance, they think about how to open the lovers Pavilion.

These underage girls are complacent because of the hundreds of Yuan huge money they get from selling Jiaochuan and naked chatting videos. Little do you know, I have lost more precious things.

They have been exposed to erotic content far beyond our imagination. It is not only the victim of network pornography, but also the provider of network pornography.

How serious is pornography in the underage world?

The underage world surrounded by eroticism

In 2007, Chinas network construction is still in the stage of rapid development, with the popularity of the network, but also brought all kinds of network pornography.

In that year, there were 137 million Internet users in China, of which less than 23 million were minors, and 46% of them regularly patronized pornographic websites.

At that time, the Internet pornography mainly consisted of pornographic films, online novels, pornographic magazines and serial adult cartoons.

By 2020, these figures will have doubled, and pornography will continue to be renovated.

Among them, 93.1% of minors have ever been exposed to illegal information, such as gambling and pornography.

Simon lajeunesse, a Canadian researcher, found that almost all boys have been searching for pornography on the Internet since the age of 10.

Pornhub, the worlds largest pornographic website, has an average of 440 million visitors a day. Some people joked that a boy now browses more naked and hot bodies in 10 minutes than our ancestors put together in their lifetime.

This is a joke, but it is true.

With the rapid development of the Internet in the 21st century, people no longer need to spend a cent to obtain erotic information anytime and anywhere.

The pornography that minors can be exposed to is not limited to color films, novels and other physical pornography, but more virtual pornography.

Such as Wen AI, Ke Pao: chat with each other and sex related content, such as voice sex, hair Jiaochuan voice, etc. This is the most popular way for minors to play, which has led to a huge industrial chain.

The 15-year-old up host Chris lured his 10-year-old daughter Wen AI to netizens for a time, which aroused peoples attention to Juvenile Internet pornography.

And then theres Freddie: wearing extremely revealing clothes. (most of them are interesting clothes, cos clothes). Women who sell meat and package pictures in various names.

Minors have virtual sex on the Internet.

As for the lovers Pavilion, there is no statistics on how many girls are addicted to it, but the number will not be small. There are as many as 300-900 lovers in the lovers Pavilion for a 16-year-old male high school student alone.

How many more are there? We dont know.

In a flagrant way, the various lovers houses publicize the official account.

Neil Boltzmann said in the disappearance of childhood that compared with the past, the TV age has opened the adult world to children without any cover. They are almost forced to enter the adult world full of repetition, war, sex and violence, and their childhood is gradually disappearing.

Entering the Internet age, we have to make greater efforts.

Minors as the Internets indigenous people, it is no exaggeration to say that their world has been surrounded by erotic.

For example, learning machines. A small belly app in the well-known Bux gaojiajiao machine hides exposed photos and sex cartoons.

There were people luring children into taking private photos and chatting naked.

Children are addicted to all kinds of short video apps, and soft porn videos are rampant. Female anchors wear exposed low chested performances and do provocative actions.

The state network information office, the national anti pornography and anti illegal office and other departments have detected that more than 40% of the online live app has content that is not suitable for children.

Students various learning apps push yellow jokes, space is limited, no more repeat.

These online pornography, even adults cant resist, let alone minors who are full of curiosity about the world. Once this door is opened, it cant be closed any more.

My parents dont know Im too dirty, the pupils said.

Human beings are naturally addicted to sex.

The desire and motivation for sex comes from a nerve compound called dopamine. Dopamine activates the reward mechanism in the primitive brain. It makes us feel desire and pleasure. It also makes us addicted.

A teenagers brain is at the peak of dopamine production and neural plasticity, and it is more likely to become addicted to pornography.

Its not so easy for minors to get rid of porn, such as cannons, lovers houses, and so on.

More and more minors are trapped in the mire without knowing it.


Internet porn addiction

How to influence the younger generation

More than 70% of the young peoples access to sex related knowledge through Internet is not reasonable.

The infringement of these network pornography on minors is imperceptible.

First, it seriously affects the three views of minors

Taking advantage of pornography can earn several times the pocket money given by their parents. The sweetness of early taste not only makes minors think that money is easy to earn, but also makes them lose the motivation to learn and make sex easy.

At an age when they should have studied hard, selling their bodies and being confused by transient pleasure will have a lifelong impact on them. The track of fate has been quietly changed.

You can make money by shooting and live broadcasting. Why do you study hardu201c

As a result, when they were very young, they would start live broadcasting and play fringes to please the indecent men in front of the camera and make money.

Jiege once wrote an article, there are many such comments below.

At the age of six or seven, they learned to do live broadcasting like a female anchor. They wore bra, silk stockings, and called brother in a whine. They didnt even understand what it meant.

For the sake of traffic and attention, Korean primary school students can also make the behavior of secretly photographing their mothers buttocks and sending videos to the Internet.

Minors are curious and addicted to sex. This addiction can be fatal.

In the past two months, I saw two news reports of boys sexual asphyxia.

On September 23, 2019, a male high school student in Pingnan County, Guangxi Province, hanged himself with a plastic bag.

She used to search pornographic websites before she died, and there were many pornographic and violent pictures of girls bound by themselves.

In June this year, a 12-year-old boy in Wuhan, Hubei Province, died of suffocation wearing six or seven pieces of womens clothing. He found several bundled videos in his mobile phone and bought womens silk stockings online.

When the Three Outlooks of minors are still in the formative stage, they will be exposed to pornographic information prematurely, which will make them lose their sense of awe and easily sell themselves to engage in sex related work.

Such as lovers hall naked chat and other services. In a world surrounded by pornography, childrens views on gender have been completely distorted,

Pornography and flesh can be sold out. women are born to please men. Once the concept is formed, it is difficult to change it for life.

Lack of awareness of sex, juvenile sexual crime reports are also common, some of the victims are adults, some are young girls.

Teenagers addicted to Internet pornography will also cause irreversible damage to the body. Including sexual impotence, sexual pleasure, sexual dysfunction.

The boys who grew up in the company of online pornography have encountered similar, unsolvable problems.

When 9-year-old churchy (USA) first exposed to nude photos, he was out of control, turning on his computer from time to time to look for new pornographic videos.

He began to explore the more violent and violent realm of pornography. When he grew up, he couldnt enjoy sex with any girl.

At the age of 11, gray learned to masturbate after being exposed to online pornography and watched more and more explicit and violent content. After the age of 20, he could not have an erection or orgasm in front of his girlfriend. After repeated defeats, he refused sex.

Pornography has always been my refuge, he said. Only in that space can I be functional.

Such problems as the desire for intimacy and the inability to make a step forward are played out in many young people who are addicted to pornography. Pornography completely destroyed their lives, but they couldnt change it.

They tore their clothes and took off their belts, but they couldnt get to the point. I cant get an erection. But its strange. Im not nervous - this is my girlfriend.

Data show that the number of impotent men worldwide has increased by 28% since free pornography appeared on the Internet.

The ubiquitous and readily available pornography weakens peoples sexual ability and makes them numb in sex.

Third, pornography affects intimacy

The obsession with Internet pornography will make people completely lose the ability to feel love.

After trying too many virtual and unrealistic love, it is difficult to have expectations for love. The real love is also difficult to satisfy the love experience they want.

For example, the heartthrob of love, the loyalty to marriage, the sweetness of love and so on.

We do not rule out that there are many excellent minors who can make outstanding contributions at a young age. However, under the omnipresent network pornography attack, we need to strengthen the guidance of children and guard against Internet pornography addiction.

Teenagers will be exposed to pornography sooner or later. Instead of allowing them to explore freely on the Internet and form distorted sexual concepts, parents should take the initiative to provide sex education for their children and tell them what real sex is.

Sex is an important part of childrens growth education. The correct concept of sex, will affect our life, I hope every parent, can become a real teacher on the road of childrens growth.

Dont let children on the road of cognition, the more dark.