Twenty adult truths more penetrating than cheating

 Twenty adult truths more penetrating than cheating

Wang Manni is a 30-year-old unmarried leftover woman. She has good looks and brains. She believes that she is worth a better man. But when the good man really appears, she is suddenly confused.

Zhong Xiaoqin is the majority of standardization. She got married through a blind date when it was time to get married. She had an ordinary and stable job, but the marriage of mutual respect was gradually difficult to maintain.

Watching them struggle in their 30s, I have summed up 20 life principles to share with you.


A woman who is really powerful is never quiet

Gu Jia realized that her husband was being seduced by her subordinate Li Ke. Instead of being in a hurry, Gu Jia bought a pile of the same oranges and sent them to the company, beating the third party who had a delusion to step in and let him retreat in the face of difficulties. In fact, sometimes the most terrible thing is not Xiao San, but the Gods own. Some people lose their dignity and lose their marriage for a moments pleasure. But powerful women know that Silence is far more effective than bluff.


You have to work hard enough to look effortless

Gu Jia is the life winner that everyone envies, but no one knows how she tried to put her husband in the position of general manager Xu, and how she tried her best to help him to reverse the crisis again and again. In fact, behind every smile, there is a gripping soul. Just like one minute on stage, ten years under the stage, only after years of hard work can we be dexterous and free on stage. Therefore, if you want to succeed, please pay ten times of effort first.


The so-called luck, is just an opportunity to meet your efforts

It was not a fluke that Wang Manni finally signed a million orders, but because she insisted on smiling service to every customer since she entered the industry. If the sky will drop pie, hit the head of unprepared, it is just a headache. Opportunities can only play their original value in the hands of those who work hard. The so-called good life is just a person who works hard in silence, and finally comes to the end of his life.


The world is never reasonable

Gu Jia is talented and charming. However, she still has to work hard to curry favor with Mrs. Wang who cant tell Monet from Van Gogh. Whats the way? The world never makes sense and only admits to winning or losing. We may not be able to change the rules of the game, but what we can do is to try harder. Remember, when you get stronger, the world will treat you gently.

Only those who can control their emotions can control their own life

Wang mannila Heis blind date brought her new partner to the store to humiliate her. However, she kept down her unhappiness and maintained her professional service. On the contrary, she let the other party spend a lot of money on her own achievements. Life is too long, you can meet people who make you unhappy at any time. No one is born to know how to control emotions, but the powerful people are always on the alert, do not let themselves fall into a bad mood.


After taking a picture with the rich ladies, Gu Jia found out in their circle of friends that he had been directly laid off. In reality, some people like to add all kinds of Niu Ren as friends, and try to get to know some more powerful people, thinking that they are operating and expanding their contacts. However, the essence of interpersonal relationship is a resource exchange. If you dont have the resources, niuren will only regard you as a head portrait lying on the list of friends.

If you want to socialize across classes, you need to be good at it

Gu Jias husband is just a boss of a small company, but she has successfully squeezed into the wife circle of the upper class. With her knowledge, she can make up for the deficiency of Mrs. Dong Wang. In reality, everyone wants to cross the class and obtain stronger network resources. But you are realistic, the upper class people are more realistic, no one will look down on useless people. If you want people to recognize you, you have to show some real skills.


A good old man who doesnt know how to refuse,

All her good is cheap

In every workplace, there is an old man like Zhong Xiaoqin who helps everything. As time goes by, his position is not promoted, but he is mixed up as miscellaneous. However, helping people also needs to choose the right time: when you help others when they are critical, its called timely help; when you help others in their life and death, its called a cut throat friend; when you help with such small things as pouring coffee and taking faxes, its called good ordering..


How comfortable you are when you talk,

Watching this play, my biggest feeling is that everyone should learn from Gu Jia. No matter who the object is, Gu Jia can use a few words to calm the other partys emotions, let people take off their guard and open their hearts. If we say that IQ determines a persons lower limit, then EQ determines a persons upper limit. Those successful people often succeed in their career through talking and laughing. If the other person is not pleasant to hear, it must be because you are not worthy.


Your body determines how long your relationship with your family is

At the end of the fight, Wang mani fainted because of acute nephritis and was sent to the hospital. Even though Gu Jia was busy, she did not forget to exercise every day in order to stay with her son longer. We struggle all our lives just to make ourselves and our family better off. But after a serious illness, I understand that no matter how much money you earn, if you dont enjoy good health, its all for nothing. So dont forget to protect your life and encourage each other.


Shut up is the greatest kindness of a man

Parents ask children with epilepsy to drop out of school together. This plot reminds me of a group of parents praising the head teacher some time ago after Miao Kexin jumped from a building and died. American educator Connor said, if a person cant control his speech, he is just a highly educated beast. In reality, we may have to weigh the pros and cons, but if we cant be a good person to come forward, please learn to shut up and at least be a less bad person.


Only Gu Jia did not agree that children with epilepsy drop out of school, I dont want my son to go to kindergarten and learn the first thing, that is discrimination. This statement not only left the sick child, but also let her and her son get the attention of everyone. In fact, the education that parents can benefit their children all their life is your three outlooks. In real society, no one is willing to work with people with bad character. Therefore, it is far more important to teach a child to be a man first than to teach him to do things.


To let a bad man live is to seek his own death

Wang Manni was not soft hearted to her colleagues who framed her. She firmly said, I would have been punished, and she is the same. I think that people who can stab people in the back can change their minds. They should always be on guard against being stabbed again in the workplace. There is a saying that to be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself. When you are an adult, you should understand that being a good person also requires different situations.


I cant bear it any more

When Gu Jia tolerated everything, Muzis mother refused to let go until Gu Jia fought back, and the other side quit school honestly. From childhood we know that tolerance is a virtue, but when we grow up, we find that for those unreasonable people, patience is a kind of indulgence. Summon up the courage to fight once, maybe better. Try it, hit that bad guy, one time is enough.


Excellence is not why women are loved,

Its the result of women being loved

Gu Jia gets better and better after she gets married because she meets a man who loves her. However, after Zhong Xiaoqin marries a man who doesnt love her enough, she makes herself worse and worse. When you are loved, your merits can be affirmed, and you will become a better person with the encouragement of your lover. And when you are not loved, your advantages become shortcomings, and the shortcomings are infinitely enlarged. Finally, you will only lose love and find yourself.


Wang Manni was ridiculed by her colleagues, even the security guard is not let go. But it was just because she had courted the security guards that she allowed her customers to drive their cars directly in and help them make good achievements. Details see the real chapter, smart people will not because of the ridicule of others, and let go of any possibility of success. Therefore, it is better to put down ones posture and ask for advice with an open mind and learn to lower yourself in order to go higher.


Wang Mannis colleagues tried to squeeze her out by planting booty, and finally hurt others instead of themselves. In the face of people who are more hardworking and better than themselves, they will lose in the end. The person who can be your opponent must have something extraordinary. Dont let hatred affect your judgment. Learn to respect your opponent, but in disguise, improve your competitiveness.


What can save yourself is your careless kindness

Wang Manni ran into Zhong Xiaoqin and borrowed her 200 yuan. It was Zhong Xiaoqin who came forward to save her when she was in serious crisis in the workplace. Life is like this. Every good thing you do and every kindness you release to others will go around. After that, in the low ebb of your life, in the darkest moment of your life, you will come to your side to save you. So, please insist on being a person with temperature.

You are so expensive that nobody can afford it

After 30, youre worthless. almost all women have heard this saying. However, you have to know that you study hard and work hard to make yourself better, not to please anyone, but to please yourself. You have to look up to yourself in order to make others think highly of you. Never regard yourself as a commodity waiting to be sold. Remember, you are so expensive that nobody can afford it.


The only way not to worry about the way back is to go further ahead