College entrance examination results come out: real concern, mostly silent

 College entrance examination results come out: real concern, mostly silent

These two days, the results of the provincial college entrance examination were gradually announced, millions of candidates ushered in the watershed of fate.

Some people say that the college entrance examination is the only Koi that the children of poor families hit. If they skip the dragons gate, they will change their lives against the heaven.

However, the admission rate of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the north and the Qing Dynasty is so small. For most people, the college entrance examination is the same as life. Loss and grievance are the norm.

Therefore, if you are an examinee, please look at the final result in a calm way.

Many years later, you may understand that the success or failure of a test does not determine more life.

If you are a parent, please give your child a hug and tell him that you have tried your best. There is still a long way to go for the rest of your life.

The important thing is to say goodbye to high school and move to a new stage of life.

As a bystander, please learn to use silence to express concern, because your unintentional words may cause indelible injury to children, and your sneering eyes will make the already fragile mind more hazed.

There is a saying in Tao Te Ching: good deeds have no frog tracks.

A truly kind person knows not to publicize or make noise in other peoples dark moments.

Many times, the real concern, as long as silence.


The joys and sorrows of human beings are not interlinked

I was born in a small remote county.

Many years ago, the head teacher of senior three once said to me:

There is no high-speed traffic here. Girls dont want to marry in. If they want to go out, they have to study.

So, the college entrance examination is really important for our children there.

I remember a little boy in my mothers unit. He was lively and cheerful when he was a child, and everyone loved him.

But in the third year of senior high school, every time I saw him, I felt that he had no smile on his face and was worried.

His father was disabled for life in an accident many years ago. His mother worked as a doorman in the unit, and his sister only went to primary school.

The fate of his family depends on his college entrance examination results.

Perhaps it is the pressure is really too big, finally play abnormal, the result has always been good for him, the score is only enough specialist.

Until one day, he came to deliver rice to his mother. An aunt in the unit couldnt help murmuring: if you go to college with this score, your mother will have to bear hardships in the future.

In this sentence, the childs psychology will collapse.

The child left a letter and ran away from home. His mother looked for it madly and mobilized his colleagues to look for it together.

Two days later, I found a savage like child on the barren mountain.

No matter who they are, they have experienced or are experiencing the dark moments of their lives. It is a long, dark, cold and hopeless tunnel.

We can never know what others are going through. The joys and sorrows of human beings are often not interlinked.

Sometimes, a very unintentional word may be a sharp knife in other peoples hearts, enough to tear the last bit of dignity and hope.

A sneering look will make him feel that he is the burden of his family and the abandoned child of society, thus leading to an irreparable ending.

Do not feel vulnerable to each other, do not feel how a word can not hold.

Everyone is in a different position.

Honey of a, arsenic of B.

You think the concern may be hurt, the joke you think may just stab the deep wound.

Life is not easy, if you have not experienced other peoples suffering, do not understand the truth behind other peoples life.

That is to know how to shut up and not to ask questions, which is the cultivation of respect for others.

To see through is wisdom, not to say it is mind

I saw a real story.

At eight oclock in the evening, an old man picking up rags looked at the steaming rice noodle shop from time to time. His throat was wriggling up and down. He was obviously hungry.

In the shop, a father and daughter were sitting at the door eating flour.

My father caught a glimpse of the old man, so he asked the waiter to bring a large bowl and spread out most of the bowl of rice noodles.

At the end of the meal, the father and daughter left, but the majority of the bowl of rice noodles remained, and no one came to collect it.

During this time, the boss is very busy eating.

The waiter picked up the dishes quietly, as if the old man had never come in.

A new comer grabbed several sticks of fried dough sticks and chased them out. The boss winked at him and stopped him.

In fact, life is really difficult, who lives is not a thorn?

A little dignity and dignity may be the only light in other peoples lives.

If you only care about your own wishful thinking, and to poke other peoples heartbreak, uncover other peoples scars, that is indifference and cruelty.

The true goodness is to do good without raising the banner of kindness; to be honest and upright in dark; to be virtuous, not to be seen by others; to be virtuous, to be honest and clear.

Life in the world, to see through is wisdom; not to speak through, is the mind.

Most of the time, you think that care, but with your own thinking to measure other peoples life.

This just right sense of propriety is the greatest kindness.

Silence is a kind of practice, silence is a kind of wisdom

The ancients said: lucky people have few words, but impatient people have more words.

It means an auspicious and kind person, whose words are very few; a person is impetuous and shows his love of speaking.

The ancients made a summary of what should not be said

It is better not to say what others are right and wrong; it is better not to say what others say; it is better not to say it if it is not right; it is better not to say it if it is not right to say it; it is better not to say it if it is mentioned again; it is better not to say it if you know it but not to do it; if you are really wise, you should know it without saying it.

The more critical moment, the more you can see a persons details and upbringing.

Just like this moment, the college entrance examination scores come out, some people are happy, some are sad, some are proud, some are lost.

In any case, if not close relatives, try not to ask more, do not nag.

The result is good or bad, you will know after a while.

At this moment, please put away your curiosity, let others quietly on the rise and fall of life.

College entrance examination is actually a miniature of life.

Test is the knowledge of students, the test is the patience of parents, also test the education of relatives and friends.

Dont judge things without others.

Life is the questioner, the student is the questioner, and you are not the judge.

Dont impose your ideas on others. You should really care and never talk.

Whenever you remember: