Chen Qianqian: the ideal relationship between husband and wife is that you make fun of me and I laugh, and then grow old together

 Chen Qianqian: the ideal relationship between husband and wife is that you make fun of me and I laugh, and then grow old together


In fact, the story of Chen Qianqian in the rumor is very simple. I just think its too cute to watch Chen Qianqian and Han Shuos fighting wisdom and bravery. Perfect interpretation, what is called you are making me laugh. If its not a conspiracy, its a manifestation of true love. Chen Qianqians eyes were rolling, and he immediately came up with some conspiracy. Han Shuo seems to know it like the palm of ones hand, and he quietly looks at Chen Qianqians installation and hard installation. But how will not expose her, but also all the people around her to cooperate with her. Han Shuo, you are good.


Back in real life, newlyweds can still have such chic romance. However, there is a too much is not enough flavor. For example, two people may be joking, but they cant get it back. Then, the other party either rolled his eyes or opened the door directly. Once or twice, its fun. But more words, still feel that these two people have some sense of disobedience. Maybe, they think its a little couples flirting. But its more about the way they get along, and they dont find out. Onlookers, however, are clear.


How about the old husband and wife? Well, lets observe the people around us. You will find that there are two extremes. Extreme one: if you dont like it, what the other party says, what you do and what you think is negation, negation and negation. Youll be boring yourself, and the other person will be bored. Extreme two: apathy, too lazy to see. The object is like a fool, self directing and self editing and acting a big drama of life? Shes making trouble, youre laughing - sorry, youre not laughing. Wrong? Oh, take a closer look. Its a sneer.


And Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian, from acquaintance to acquaintance, from blind date to love, seem to be so interesting. Although the writer and his characters can develop emotions, this is very strange. However, it is reasonable and convincing. If Chen Qianqian cant return to modern times, I dont think there is any problem. Because Chen Qianqian will not have any physical injury. Wish to have one heart, white head never leave. This has always been the most beautiful aspiration of people, holding the hand of the son and growing old together, which is the most desirable outcome of marriage.



And Chen Qianqian in the rumor conveys the message of love, which we feel and deeply moved. Well, its wonderful