To be a smart woman, I dont want these things from others

 To be a smart woman, I dont want these things from others

Many people hate the development of such a plot, but we also believe that Gu Jia will be able to live better and better without Xu Huashan.

Why can everyone have such confidence in Gu Jia? It is because she never wanted to live on others, and she has enough ability to control her own life.

Such a woman, independent, strong, know self love, no matter whether there are men, can live very well.

As a 30 + woman, there are more and more divorcees around me. There are all kinds of reasons. The living conditions after divorce are not the same.

Some women are able to clean up their mood and start a new life, while some women are still trapped in sadness. Some women can see clearly their previous problems and stop making the same mistake. Some women fall down again in the same pit.

Although I dont want everyone to face the same situation as Gu Jia, I still hope that every woman can live like Gu Jia. After all, no one knows what kind of ups and downs will happen in this life. If you want to live a happy life, you still have to be strong.

Be a smart woman. Dont ask others for these things.


Most of the problems in the world can be solved by money. Therefore, if a woman wants to live a happy life, she must have the ability to make money.

I think Gu Jia has the strength to defend her marriage, and has the courage to leave the troubled marriage because of her own ability.

From the beginning of the TV series, we can see that Gu Jia can always solve the endless problems perfectly. If her sons international kindergarten fails to pass the interview, she can get the recommendation qualification through a good friend and a rich wife. If her husbands company loses an order, she can find resources to save the company through her wife circle.

But this is nothing, life is alive, can not guarantee that everything you do can be understood by others, whether it is friends, relatives or lovers, it is the same.

What we can do is not reserve when we pay and no regret when we leave. Just like Gu Jia, when she thinks it is worth paying for this man, she has the ability to make him better and better. But when he is no longer worth his own efforts, she can also leave him and start his own business.

Without looking at the plot, I can think that Gu Jias career will be better and better, and Xu Huashans leaving Gu Jia must be full of difficulties, not because of the halo of the protagonist, but because Gu Jias ability is better than Xus, but because love temporarily sealed her, and when she wants to release, it will be a natural result.

Of course, we can also see that in the past few years of Gu Jias full-time career, when there is no difference between her and Xu Huashan, Xu Huashan is all right. However, when Gu Jia really wants to do his own things, Xu Huashan has various obstacles, especially on the issue of money.

If Gu Jia wants to open a dessert shop, he does not agree, so Gu Jia can only redeem his deposit. If Gu Jia wants to open a tea factory, Xu Huashan refuses to support it with the profits of the fireworks company.

From this point, we can see that no matter how capable you are, when you ask for money with your partner, you have lost the initiative in marriage. If you want to be happy all the time, you must not let yourself into such a predicament.

Fortunately, Gu Jia is not Luo Zijun. She has the ability to raise money, but also the ability to earn money. After reading Gu Jias story, we should be independent and intelligent women together. No matter when we get there, we will not lose the ability to make money. No matter how much the other party loves you now, lets hold our own prison and seize the economic initiative.

I hope you can understand that you dont have to ask for money from others, which is the foundation and foundation of your happiness.

ense of security

When it comes to security, its a cliche. Women need security, and theyve been looking for it all their lives.

Some women feel that the sense of security comes from men, so they keep asking for it, hoping to prove that they love each other in various ways.

But later found that the more you want to get a sense of security from the other person, the more they want to stay away from you.

Every adult is an independent individual. A couple of adult men and women love to be together, but they also need independent space, especially men. They like women to rely on themselves, but they dont want her to rely too much on them.

Therefore, if a woman really wants to be happy, she has to be an independent person first. When you dont depend on anyone to live, she will be cherished and respected by others.

It is also very important that when you no longer need other people to give you a sense of security, but can enjoy loneliness and enjoy your own living space, it may be the other partys turn to panic.

Just like Liu Ruoying, she said that she and her husband lived apart for seven years after marriage. They usually do a lot of things together, but they also have their own bedroom and study, because they need each others private space.

Liu Ruoyings husband said that when she was in love, Liu Ruoying always scared him because she enjoyed her single life too much. She was too busy to be romantic. She would not be angry and would not make herself feel safe. She also wanted to pay more for her.

I dont know how strong and confident a woman is to be, but if you do, you win.

Just like Zhong Xiaoqin in just 30, Chen Yu didnt care much about her for so many years. However, when they divorced, Zhong began to learn to be independent, to live his own life, and no longer needed Chen Yu, he had a sense of crisis.

Dont let a man be too sure of you, because the most charming appearance of a woman is that she doesnt love you very much.

From now on, be a smart woman and ask yourself for security.


Now, there are different opinions about Zhong Zhengxian. Some people say that he is sincere to Manni, but he is born with such a character. However, some people read the later introduction and say that Zhong Zhengxian has a fiancee and he is a scum man.

As for whether he is a scum man, lets not make a final conclusion for the moment. Lets talk about Wang manis always asking Zhong Zhengxian to promise this. I think she did something wrong.

You must know that the most unreliable love, especially the promise to come, is mostly perfunctory by men, can not be counted.

The man who really loves you will not give you a promise easily, but he will certainly do it if he gives you a promise. The man who really wants to give you a promise will not let you ask questions again and again, but will say words that make you feel at ease at the right time.

Therefore, I do not agree with women and men to promise, if he does not want to give, do not mind.

For love, women must have a little persistence, that is, its good to have you, I can be better without you. For love, women should also have a little stubborn, that is, either only or not.

I hope that every woman can be a rational person in love, spend more time to improve herself, so that she can afford the life that she wants. Just like Gu Jia, she never lives on the promise of a man, and wont suffer from any loss because of his promise. Only in this way can you become the protagonist of your own life.

Love your life is afraid to give you not enough, do not love you fear you want too much, this sentence, you must remember.

In love, a really smart woman knows how to get what she wants through hard work, instead of worrying about the other person leaving every day, or racking her brains to think about how to make her love you.

Everything in this world will change, only the things firmly grasped in your hands will not change. If you want to be loved in your life, you should first be strong. If you want to have the ability to love, you should learn to love yourself well.

I hope that from today on, we can be smart women, these three things, only with ourselves.

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