Ellen show hosts home stolen expensive jewelry watch stolen

 Ellen show hosts home stolen expensive jewelry watch stolen

Allens house was stolen

According to Taiwan media reports, Allan DeGeneres, a well-known TV host who always looks kind and kind, has been exposed to negative news in the past one or two months. He is not only accused of being cold and snobbish in private, but the staff who have worked with him have also denounced thats a harmful environment, and a number of netizens have called for to stop Allens program, Let her mood has been in the bottom. Santa Barbara police announced that her home with her other half, Portia de Rossi, had been broken into on national day and stolen expensive jewelry and watches.

Although the police did not disclose whether Allen and Portia were at home when the theft occurred, they did not point out which pieces of jewelry and watches were stolen, and how much damage they suffered. However, police are convinced that Allens high profile is the main reason for being targeted by gangsters.

According to foreign media reports, Ellen obviously felt the change of attitude towards her from the outside world. She was so nervous at night that she couldnt fall asleep. Her mood was greatly affected. In particular, she didnt feel that she had done something wrong. She didnt understand why she had become the target of attack. Therefore, she fell into self pity and thought she was bullied.

In fact, like many high-profile stars, Allen enjoys too many privileges and courtesies. He forgets that equal treatment between people is the most basic, so that he will offend a lot of people and be criticized. But the theft of her family property is also due to her popularity. Is the halo of the performing arts circle a blessing or a curse? Its hard to have standard answers.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322