Gif - goal is not good! Shandongs tactical implementation is bad, Gong Xiaobin looks blue

 Gif - goal is not good! Shandongs tactical implementation is bad, Gong Xiaobin looks blue

At this time, there are 6 minutes and 29 seconds in the third quarter, Shandong is 56-65 behind Zhejiang. After Gong Xiaobin asked for a pause, he carefully arranged the tactics, but the players who came back to the field failed to implement Gong Xiaobins idea very well. Instead, after a series of complicated passes, they consumed almost no 24 seconds attack time. Before 24 seconds, Li Honghan shot three points on the right side to hit the whistle. Although the team had scored, Gong Xiaobin was still very dissatisfied with the teams tactical implementation. When the camera was given to him, the Shandong coach was livid.

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Players dont play according to tactics, Gong Xiaobin is dissatisfied (source: Netease sports)

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