20 days after the death of the football coach with cancer, he received a signed letter from the United manager

 20 days after the death of the football coach with cancer, he received a signed letter from the United manager

On June 23, Xinhua News Agency broadcast when he had only three years left in his life, he chose to teach children to play football, which told the story of Jing Yongxing, who was suffering from cancer, but still insisted on teaching children to play football, which attracted wide public attention. Jing Yongxing, a loyal fan of Manchester United in the Premier League, has always regretted not being able to watch at Old Trafford. After learning of his moving story, Manchester United prepared the signed jerseys of all the players and the signed letter of manager Solskjaer for Jing Yongxing on June 26, and planned to display his image on the billboard at the home of the team against Bournemouth on July 4.

Unfortunately, coach Jing Yongxing died at 21:40 on July 3 at the age of 36 and failed to see his own image at Old Trafford. Affected by poor logistics during the outbreak, Solskjaers signed letter arrived nearly a month after it was sent.

Earlier, Manchester United have expressed their sympathy for coach Jing Yongxing through social media and the clubs official website. After obtaining the consent of Jing Yongxings family members, Manchester United provided the Xinhua news agency with the relevant video materials and the contents of the letter about Jing Yongxings appearance on the billboard at Old Trafford on July 4, expressing once again the admiration for Jing Yongxings taking root at the grassroots level and making contributions to Chinas football youth training.

The Chinese signature of Manchester United manager ole Solskjaer is as follows:

Dear Mr. Jing Yongxing,

We are very sad to learn about your story and illness recently. On behalf of Manchester United Football Club, I would like to extend my best wishes to you.

Thank you for your loyalty and support to Manchester United over the years. Similarly, we also admire your hard work and hard work as a grass-roots football coach. By setting up a football club and teaching children to play football, we can open the door to football for them. You should be proud of your achievements.

I believe you, like us, will feel that the Premier League has finally returned after a long wait. Our players will try their best to win the rest of the season, and we sincerely wish you a speedy victory over your illness and witness and enjoy the happiness brought by football with us.

I hope our blessings can cross the sea, give you courage and strength, and help you through the difficulties.


Ole gunar Solskjaer

Manchester United head coach

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