Nine new confirmed cases in Dalian

 Nine new confirmed cases in Dalian

At this time, the media meeting of CSL Dalian competition area is also in progress. Although the epidemic situation is still rebounding, Qi Jun, head of the epidemic prevention team of the competition area, said that the league would be held as scheduled. At present, the competition area and the local health and epidemic prevention departments closely cooperate, and all preparations for the event are proceeding normally. All epidemic prevention work continues to be carried out in accordance with the epidemic prevention guidance manual without major adjustments.

Because the original epidemic prevention plan has made various preparations according to what to do in case of confirmed cases in the city where the competition area is located. Therefore, it is only necessary to carry out a more detailed inspection of the original management regulations to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of the event

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Person in charge of epidemic prevention of CSL

The Chinese Super League as scheduled also means that the players coaches will spend more than two months in the closed competition area of Dalian. Due to the long duration and high level of this competition system, how to decompress the players has become the topic of close attention in the competition area.

When talking about this topic, Qi Jun quoted the original interview words of Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng: I also told the team members, who did you compare with? Compared with the original competition system, more than two months time must be a bit long, but compared with those anti epidemic angels in white, they may not know when to return when they go, but we probably know that it may be 70 days Then you can go home.

Qi Jun also hopes that players and teams can understand each other, respect each other, and spend more than two months together safely and orderly.

With less than 24 hours to go, the Chinese Super League will usher in the opening battle in 2020. For the restart of the Chinese Super League, Qi Jun frankly said that this is an important wind vane for the victory of the domestic epidemic situation. The Chinese Super League is a landmark event bearing the resumption of sports production in China. How to do a good job in organizing the event under the new situation of epidemic prevention and control is a major challenge for the Chinese Football Association and its organizers, Dalian and Suzhou.

Epidemic prevention is the top priority of this event, and it is the first. The epidemic prevention work can also mark the success of the Super League. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been formulated by China Football Association to ensure that two goals are achieved and that there is no case of a new crown pneumonia infection in this competition, so that the league can be healthy and orderly, and strive to make the League fair and splendid.