More than half of the confirmed cases in Hong Kong have unknown sources of infection, most of them are housewives and elderly people

 More than half of the confirmed cases in Hong Kong have unknown sources of infection, most of them are housewives and elderly people

Overseas network 24 July novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak continued in recent days. Half of the confirmed cases of infection in Hongkong were unknown, causing public concern.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that 123 new cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in Hongkong at 0:00 a.m. on 24, including 115 cases of local infection. The food and Environmental Hygiene Department announced that the markets in Hung Hom and to Kwa Wan were closed earlier today at 7 pm to facilitate deep cleansing and disinfection.

Zhang Zhujun, director of the infectious diseases department of the Hong Kong Centre for health protection, pointed out that about half of the infected people were from unknown sources. Many of the patients were housewives or elderly people. They usually went out to buy snacks and drink tea. She said that during this period of time, the community may have a high amount of virus and more occult patients. Therefore, she called on housewives and elderly people to reduce the number of times they go out and keep them clean, especially pay attention to keep their hands clean and wear masks.

Among the imported cases, three were Filipino seamen, one was Indian seaman and one was Indian flight attendant. In terms of local cases, a new confirmed patient was a visiting nurse. During the infection, the patient visited 2 to 3 families to take care of the elderly. The protection center will follow up. Zhang Zhujun said that many cases in the community are likely to be transmitted by caregivers or family members. Therefore, it is very important for caregivers to take anti infection measures. If they feel uncomfortable, they will go to see a doctor immediately, and the SWD is also arranging tests.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a 23 day blood donor and a patient receiving red blood cell transfusion, has returned to Princess Margaret Hospital for examination. The results of the test were negative, and no abnormal reaction was found, Yu Huiling said. The chief executive of Hongkong Hospital Authority (medical effectiveness and Technology Management) said that the blood donors and recipients of red blood cell transfusion had returned to the hospital. The hospital will continue to observe the situation. As for the blood donated by the confirmed person, the test results were negative. She also said that a female operation assistant of the United Hospital initially diagnosed on the 23rd. She was responsible for the warehouse and logistics work. Seven staff members were listed as close contacts and were subject to quarantine inspection.