How important is it for a man to own a car

 How important is it for a man to own a car

Goblin, eat my old sun!

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Worthy of being the second female driver of faraway

When it comes to auto show, car models are indispensable. It has always been a beautiful scenery.

Are you ready? The model sister is ready.

Lets take a look at the tough guy youve been expecting for a long time. After the return, the brand-new Land Rover guard has officially come into the market with a price of 778000-958000 yuan. Many netizens compare it with the hot Ford Bronco recently. What style do you like?

BMWs new 4 series, which is also controversial, was officially unveiled at the auto show, and announced the pre price: 365000-46000 yuan. The price is quite sincere, which makes many netizens feel that it looks good in a moment.

Come back to the brain to make up for the effect of hanging the license plate... What do you think?

Weilai ec6 was also officially launched. The new car was compared with BMW x4m, Audi e-tron and other models for acceleration. The 4.5 second breakthrough was quite outstanding. In 2019, the most miserable man is in full bloom at the press conference.

In the case of X money, there are still people-friendly choices. The number of compact SUV guides is less than 130000, and the intermediate SUV free light now only needs 149800... Can you stand up to more than 500000 car owners who bought the imported version?

Haver has a big dog, Wuling also launched the red light man... This shape and name is quite cool, silver logo also instantly tall on a lot of.

How important it is for a man to own a car is to understand.

The first time you refuel, if its too crude, you cant force it in. You have to find a way to lubricate it, or it will be bad if you hurt your car.

How does this cement mix...

When she got married in Xianyang, she tied the S-class rims of Maybach with ropes, and put bowls in front of and behind the wheels to stop them, asking for joy smoke...

Im a little nervous when Im the bridegroom for the first time...

Finally, the answer to yesterdays car guessing: kaidila ATS, congratulations to the two old drivers who have applied for your red name.

Todays car guessing: