Wang Zhelin 36 + 15 Fujian Sheng Shanghai Zhang Zhaoxu 21 + 15 Lawson 30 + 8 + 7

 Wang Zhelin 36 + 15 Fujian Sheng Shanghai Zhang Zhaoxu 21 + 15 Lawson 30 + 8 + 7

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Li Honghan 21, Shandong 14, Zhejiang Wuqian 12 + 6, Zhu Xuhang 25 + 9

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After locking the top 12, Fujian team retired Wang Zhelin and Lawson in the last game. Facing the Shanghai team, who had no chance to play in the playoffs, they mainly focused on finding the state to prepare for the upcoming playoffs.

Game replay:

In the second quarter, Shanghai team played a strong role, Wang Tong smashed successfully, McCallum made three consecutive attacks, and Shanghai hit a 10-2 attack wave to complete the anti overtaking in one fell swoop. Zhang Zhaolins two points were up. After half-time, the two teams drew 61.

In the second half, Wang Zhelin took the points under the basket first, then Lawson assisted, he Chongda got the empty cut, Huang Yichao and Lawson won the singles one after another, Fujian surpassed the score. Luo Hanchen and Ju Mingxin scored three points in a row, Wang Zhelin closed the front court plate under the basket and finally hit, McCallum made two points for foul, Lawson made a killing response, Fujian was 100-92 ahead of Shanghai after three quarters.

In the last part of the competition, Luo Hanchen and mcallem even scored three points, but Lawson immediately responded with three points, and then Chen linjian also had three points. Wang Zhelin took Lawsons wonderful pass to end the smash, and Fujian firmly held the lead. Mccullam used his personal ability to score continuously, but whenever Shanghai had the opportunity to close the difference, Lawson and Wang Zhelin would stand up to stabilize the situation for Fujian and win the Fujian mens basketball team after the time.

Shanghai: McCallum, Meng Lingyuan, Zhang Chunjun, Yan Peng, Zhang Zhaoxu.

Fujian: Lawson, Chen linjian, Huang Yichao, he Chongda and Wang Zhelin.