Was she really wrong when she was surrounded by 420 million insults?

 Was she really wrong when she was surrounded by 420 million insults?

Click to open the recording, all the ridicule and demeaning come.

From appearance, clothing, to professional ability, the same can be lost.

The target of ridicule is former rocket girl yamy.

The Joker is Xu Mingchao, yamys boss.

The venue is the companys conference room.

In other words, Xu Mingchao held her critical meeting in front of yamys colleagues.

According to Xu Ming Dynasty, this is a story about emperors new clothes.

And he was the child who called out the emperors new clothes.

Very ugly! Super ugly

She thinks she is fashionable. I dont look fashionable at all! Ive never seen her in fashion

Its like a motherfucker, and then it collapses. No one likes you.

Scold to the end, mercilessly dropped a scorn, you are a companion dance.

This criticism made yamy have serious self doubt

Me, what is it?

The souls question stabbed at the bottom of her heart.

Let her suddenly understand why she would cry until dawn for no reason, why she trembled when she saw the information and wanted to escape when she heard the voice.

Because her value is always wavering.

From time to time, the boss said, you have an advantage. You should have confidence in yourself.

Sometimes he shook his head and denied, you are not worth it, really not.

She is often trapped in self doubt and emotional exhaustion.

All these are brought about by the workplace PUA.

I apologize! I am the middle-aged male boss of PUA in the workplace!

This is the response of Xu Ming Dynasty.

Ironically, in addition to the word apology, I read only the taste of unrepentant.

He repeatedly stressed that he was the boss of PUA in the workplace.

But the tone is very proud.

Most of all, he apologized to colleagues and artists, but not yamy.

After reading this, I think this letter should not be called apology letter, but should be called forgiveness letter.

Forgive yamy for the harm he has done to his family and colleagues in the company.

This is not an apology! What a confession! This is clearly a complaint!

And what hes wrong is ridiculous. As netizens commented, he had only three mistakes.

The first mistake is that some employees dare to record; the second is that they dare to give the recording to yamy; the third is that some people dare not listen.

When he said that the biggest problem of the company was to treat artists too well, all unreasonable abuse and suppression seemed to become logical.

Whats wrong with being scolded when the company treats you so well?

Whats wrong with you?

Isnt that normal?

It is obviously cruel oppression, but it also makes people feel grateful. Otherwise, it is ungrateful, which is the terrible place of PUA in the workplace.

Do you think that the workplace PUA is just simple and rude abuse?

More than that, of course.

Let you be willing to doubt life, willing to work for the company, is the high rank of the workplace PUA.

This project just cant be done. What should I do?

But the leader promoted me to do this project. How could I not?

Its my ability. I dont think I can do anything. My IQ is too low and EQ is too low. Its my reason.

The person who utters these words in despair is not a small white in the workplace, but a capable person with excellent academic background and work experience.

Colleagues even said that he was being trained as a vice president.

Just looking at his resume, I can only draw a conclusion: envy does not come.

But its just appearances.

No one saw his struggle.

It seems to be making a difficult choice.

For the last time, he resolutely jumped down and said goodbye to the world. Heartless leaves behind a wife who has been in love for ten years, her unborn children, and her elderly parents.

Hes just struggling.

Some netizens summarized the corporate culture of a bank

I hope that employees have no family, no personal life, and abandon their wives and children for work

If the project can not be completed, it is not his fault. There is no need to blame himself, let alone doubt his own ability.

But he didnt jump out of the game. He has been deeply involved in the leaderships PUA:

On the one hand, they are angry at their incompetence;

On the one hand, we should also be grateful for their appreciation and promotion.

In the abyss without knowing, this is the biggest disease.

Employees and enterprises, this is a cooperative relationship.

You pay for my time and work.

I work hard to get value for the company.

No one owes the equivalent exchange.

But some abnormal companies try their best to treat themselves as benefactors and ask employees to be grateful.

They even ask employees to kneel down.

Thank the company for giving me a platform. Thank youu201c

Thank the customers for supporting my family; thank the company for giving me a platform. Thank you...

In the video, female employees are kneeling in two rows with one hand on their chest. With the swearing person shouting, they take an oath and worship at the same time.

Its like a cult organization doing activities.

This makes people suspect that the kneeling of life took place in front of a pharmacy in Guizhou on May 24.

The direction of kneeling is the store where they work.

Thanks to the parents, the company and the customers, it is called three worship culture.

This is an insult to the word culture.

Believe that normal people will be very confused, thank parents should not go home filial piety?

As for thanking the company, is it a favor and a charity to hire employees?

Its impossible to thank customers. The customers didnt give them money.

I cant think of any benefit other than losing self-esteem and shame on employees.

The person in charge of the pharmacy said, we are all from the heart, thank the staff for their silent efforts.

Isnt it from the heart that you dont have points?

No one wants to do such nonsense on the street.

But the company is not worried about whether they will be able to raise their heads in the future.

Netizens comments hit the nail on the head.

Fight the most ruthless chicken blood, get the minimum wage, 2500 cant be more.

The brain washes up, what is voluntary, still have chase cheater to give money!

If I were a customer, I would never dare to step in.

This is the purpose of the company:

When employees are shameless, shameless and shameless, they will do whatever they can to achieve their performance, faster and easier to create value for the company.

Such employees are undoubtedly better managed and more able to be absolutely obedient.

Those who are deeply involved in PUA in the workplace often lose their sense of boundaries.

I think it is reasonable to belittle oneself.

But I didnt know that he was terminally ill.

Yamy wrote a few classic words in the microblog that asked what am I, exactly to tell us how to escape from the workplace PUA.

She said:

You are the boss, I am a part-time worker. Maybe I cant earn one thousandth of you in my life, but it doesnt mean that my work is cheaper than you; maybe my appearance doesnt conform to your aesthetic taste, but it doesnt mean that you can trample my dignity; maybe you have supported me, but it doesnt mean that you can permanently abuse me and let me rot. Im not an audience for you to perform the tyrannical president, let alone a doll at your disposal. I try to protect the love and courage, will not allow you to continue to destroy!

This is a cool Manifesto:

Although you are the boss and you are the leader, I dont have to please you;

Because of my appearance, my value and my ambition, you cant make a final conclusion.

Maybe Im not high enough, but thats not why you look down.

No one can be above another.

Because everyone has dignity. Its not about money, its about Im a person..

Dont let others deny your growth easily,

Deny the value you create,

Deny your uniqueness.

If you cant, you can get rid of the binding with the company and find a company that really respects and cares for its employees.

There is no need to be trapped in a perverted enterprise to destroy youth.

You dont have to endure the abuse of PUA in the workplace for thousands of yuan a month.

We should always remind ourselves that time and dignity are more important than money.

Because only the former can stimulate your creativity and bring you real growth.

Author: Yu Yichen