Emotional things, sometimes not do not believe you, but very afraid of the need to forgive you

 Emotional things, sometimes not do not believe you, but very afraid of the need to forgive you

But when you come home late from work, isnt it normal for me to ask where have you been? If I dont ask, it seems that I dont care about you.

If you still care, you will be asked about your abnormal whereabouts and suspicious behaviors.

Look at the matter of your mobile phone, if you want me to say it is also because you care about it and worry about losing it. You should understand and believe me, right? If I can understand that I am afraid of losing your mind, what can I do if I look into the laid-off?

In other words, since you have a clear conscience of me, I cant find out any clues. Can you cooperate with me in a big way?

Therefore, one has to be checked and the other is not allowed to be checked. Sometimes it can only be said that there is a problem in this relationship.

If the normal range of inquiry, occasionally for its coquettish to turn over the mobile phone, it should also be accepted.

After all, we are afraid that there is something wrong with each other. It is also an important way to maintain our relationship if we want to nip out those unsafe signs earlier.

Moreover, many times, we are afraid that the other party will do something wrong in the relationship. Its not because they dont believe in their love, but because they are worried that they have no intention.

Those mistakes may be confused for a while, confused after drinking, encouraged by others, or designed to fall into traps.

In short, no matter what kind of mistake, as long as it is out of the relationship between men and women, it must be difficult to accept the love of the other half.

If you choose to forgive because of love afterwards, you will end up in your heart. That kind of pain cant be expressed or expressed.

Because the party who makes mistakes will also suffer from self blame and worry. If its serious, its hard to forgive yourself.

Therefore, many lovers who quarrel because of suspicion and questioning are not because they dont believe in the love, but because they are afraid of this strange, chaotic and lost world.

Think about it. If your girlfriend goes to a nightclub, a party, or a bar, she may encounter someone who is smoking something bad, or someone with ulterior motives is likely to be taken away after she is drunk.

Carnival with friends, it is possible to lose ones manners after drinking and do not know what to do.

Similarly, as a man who always has to socialize outside, he has to face the liquor Bureau. If someone uses the relationship to blackmail you, you just need to intoxicate you and create a bit of love affair to let you fall, or get into trouble, or use this as a means of coercion.

Of course, this kind of utilization may be very decent, tactful and logical.

After the event, you may regret more than anyone else, all heartache, but it is too late.

At this time, what does the person who loves you deeply do? Would you choose to hide it? Facing TA calmly as if nothing happened? Keep kissing TA?

Maybe you can also say that I love you, because it is true. However, you may feel that your body and soul are no longer holy, and you may not dare or cannot touch each other again.

Later, you think you cant do without telling each other. Because there is no cheating in love. The so-called fear of harm and concealment, is already a kind of injury.

So you weigh it around and tell the TA. You ask for TAs forgiveness and your own heart to let go of yourself so that you can continue to love each other.

In this way, you throw the problem to the same person who loves you deeply. What should ta do? If he doesnt forgive you, he has to give you up.

But such abandonment and abandonment cant make TA happy. TA is more sad than you to give up this love and you. Then, TA can only choose to forgive, but the same because too much love you and can not face you.

Therefore, sometimes we are self-discipline, self-control, self-cleaning, but also because we are afraid that we will be lost in the crowd and that we will not be able to control all the unknown and terrible temptations and traps in this world. Im afraid that when things happen, Ill let the one I love be in a dilemma.

In order not to let TA in forgive you in the event of pain and difficult choice, we must keep the defense line of love. I hope that all my life, I will have nothing to forgive.