There are all kinds of suggestions about choosing the right person. Do you know who to listen to

 There are all kinds of suggestions about choosing the right person. Do you know who to listen to

This tragedy, we all know, is nothing more than being abandoned and betrayed, or walking together uncoordinated and mismatched, attracting other peoples criticism and watching or the partys dislike.

So you say, find someone older than yourself.

Some friends and relatives suggested: dont look for a man who is much older than you. The so-called older man will accommodate you. In fact, he has no time to pay attention to you. He may not take good care of you, because he is older than you and may be waiting for you to wait on him. Moreover, they must have had a lot of emotional experience, sophisticated you can not fight. Even some divorced people may say that there may be some shady reason...

For women who want to find rich men to love and marry, some relatives and friends will suggest: dont look for men who are too rich. Either they are ugly, they are very playful, or they dont take you seriously. Sooner or later, they will start to dislike you. If you are beautiful, they are when you decorate and vase, then it is the same, just married an empty shell

So you think, that married a man without money, fight with him from the beginning, together with adversity and struggle together.

More people suggested: dont look for Phoenix men, dont look for poor men. They have many problems in their original family, their pattern is small, and their mental health is not healthy. There are also some poor men who will go bad when they have money. You have been with him for a long time. When he climbs up, you will throw it away like a rag.

Next, you find a science student. Some people said, dont look for science students. You dont understand romance at all. Living together is too boring. After a short time together, you will feel like youve married a piece of wood.

When you go to liberal arts students, some people say, dont look for liberal arts students. They are too literary and artistic to be cannibalistic. Ill leave you to roam around the world for the sake of art, which means that you may meet with love all the way, because they are too emotional


These words are not very common, are they often heard. This is really confusing. What kind of talent should we look for?

Its because these people classify their partners, not one person.

Originally everyone is complex and independent, how can we define it with a popular label?

In fact, none of us can foresee who we are more reliable with. Is it not reliable when we are younger than you? Or is it safer than your old one? Just like some people say, ugly and no money men, not more reliable than handsome rich, on the contrary, the same.

Its even more difficult to say how old you are. Those who are younger than yourself may not dislike that you are old fast and change your mind. On the contrary, the older ones may also dislike those who are no longer young and beautiful and want to change their minds.

Therefore, it is not advisable to draw a frame, set a standard and apply it again before falling in love.

What kind of people we meet, what kind of present and future we will have, is decided by two people, not by a certain kind of people or by one person.

Or, choose to listen to those who are happy and learn from their experience.

I dont know what to do. Ill listen to my own. For example, if you love and feel that person is suitable for you and you feel good with him, you can continue. As for the future, its hard to predict who we will be with.

We can only feel the stone across the river. In the later years or the end of the old day, come to a final conclusion, to see who is worthy of love, who is the reliable person.