The 70 year old man gave the real estate of 5 million yuan to the young woman without telling his wife. Unexpectedly

 The 70 year old man gave the real estate of 5 million yuan to the young woman without telling his wife. Unexpectedly

Loved by her husband for most of her life

But by the age of 70

Life has been a big reversal

Only the husbands name is on the property certificate

The root of the trouble lies in this

Zhang aunt in Shanghai Huangpu District core Yu Garden area, there is a 31 square meter property room, this room was originally Zhang aunts father-in-laws private house.

A few years ago, after the death of her father-in-law and mother-in-law, her husband inherited the suite in the form of a will notarization. This house is obviously the joint property of husband and wife, but in the process of property right certificate, the husband only wrote his name on the property certificate.

So many years of marriage

At ordinary times, my husband is in charge of many things at home

So Aunt Zhang didnt ask

Mr. Wang has a wife, and Ms. Yang has a husband. In the process of more than 10 years of stock speculation, the two people often contacted, Mr. Wang felt that they had feelings between them.

In recent years, Aunt Zhang didnt realize that 42 years of happy marriage was quietly changing. And Mr. Wang thought he had succeeded in hiding his wife

Little did not know, he was also deeply blinded by Ms. Yang.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Wang is 70 years old this year, with a modest family background and ordinary appearance, but he firmly believes that he has deeply attracted Ms. Yang. He thought that Ms. Yang wanted him, but actually Ms. Yang was trying to move his house.

Step by step calculation, the original has been premeditated!

Ms. Yang is a foreign registered permanent residence. First of all, she tricked Mr. Wang into transferring the house to her on the ground of losing the household registration. Mr. Wang was so infatuated with his love that he transferred the house to Ms. Yang in the form of sale without his wife and daughter.

Mr. Wang sold his private house with a market value of at least 2 million yuan for 900000 yuan. In fact, Ms. Yang didnt pay him any money.

Because there is only Mr. Wangs name on the house property certificate, the transfer of ownership is very smooth. Mr. Wang said that Ms. Yang repeatedly assured him that she was only registered and that she would return all the old resettlement funds after the housing levy began.

After the house was transferred to Ms. Yang, Ms. Yang agreed to open the house with him for five or six times. Little do not know this is actually shrewd Ms. Yang, for the future blackmail him buried a foreshadowing.

Sure enough, when Aunt Zhang forced Mr. Wang to collect the money, Ms. Yang showed her original face immediately - she would not return a cent. If Mr. Wang made this public, she would disclose the house opening to Mr. Wangs family.

Mr. Wang has been smart all his life, but he didnt expect that when he got older, he would be sunk by Ms. Yang for 5.08 million yuan.

At this time, Aunt Zhang finally knew the truth

Seeing that the collection office is about to pay the resettlement fund, Aunt Zhang sued Mr. Wang and Ms. Yang for the reason that Mr. Wang disposed of the joint property of the husband and wife without authorization, and hoped that the court would suspend the payment of the collection.

After receiving the notice, Ms. Yang took the initiative to say that she would return half of the old resettlement fund, hoping that Aunt Zhang would withdraw the lawsuit.

At first, Aunt Zhang insisted that the matter should be settled through litigation, but at the end of December 2019, when the judge organized the two parties to mediate, Aunt Zhang agreed to mediate again.

Aunt Zhang said that the courts decision was later than the time when the old resettlement fund was issued. She was worried that people and money would disappear after Ms. Yang got the levy. Finally, under the mediation of the court, Ms. Yang wrote a letter of commitment, promising to return 50% to Aunt Zhang after receiving the old resettlement fund.

After the collection office received the resettlement payment, Ms. Yang tried to play tricks for many times, but finally gave half of the money.

Although Aunt Zhang is very aggrieved in her heart, she still loves her husband more than she hates her.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });})(); The love and hate between husband and wife can only be explained clearly by themselves. It is hoped that Mr. Wang will wake up after cutting off the evil relationship. Lu Chuyi recommended that her husband buy three rooms and one car for her lover. His wife sued for more than one million yuan, and the woman disappeared for 18 days. Rumors in the community: or with two sets of moving houses, the woman has not lived in a villa for many years I didnt know what to do until I saw the play. Source: Yu Zhengxin, editor in charge of Shenzhen Evening News_ NB15800

Love and hate between husband and wife

Only one can speak clearly

Hope Mr. Wang cut off evil fate

Can really wake up

Source: rule of law special service group, news workshop