New breakthrough of Intelligent Transportation! Automatic driving on the road based on vehicle road coordination

 New breakthrough of Intelligent Transportation! Automatic driving on the road based on vehicle road coordination

Picture: a survey by Lin Rong, an expert in transportation informatization and deputy director of China Communications and Information Center

New infrastructure to become a powerful transportation country

In May 2019, at the press conference of speeding up the construction of a powerful transportation country and promoting the high-quality development of transportation industry held by the state information office, Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of transport, pointed out that automatic driving has become an important field in a new round of global scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation, and the Ministry of transport attaches great importance to it, and stressed that the Ministry of transport also emphasized that automatic driving should be regarded as a science and technology Innovation support is one of the important areas of speeding up the construction of a transportation power. It adheres to the principle of encouraging exploration, tolerating failure, ensuring safety and opposing monopoly, and actively promotes the research and development pilot and application of automatic driving technology, and has made positive progress.

Intelligent driving based on Collaborative driving

Vehicle road coordination and automatic driving is an industrial revolution jointly promoted by the industrial field and the transportation field, which profoundly changes the mode of travel and has a profound impact on the industrial development. In October 2019, as a national smart transportation demonstration base, Beixiaoying town successfully launched the first open 5g commercial vehicle road collaborative demonstration road in China. In July this year, it took the lead to realize automatic driving based on vehicle road coordination. This is the section of the whole automatic driving.

The total length of the auto driving vehicle road coordination section is 7.2 km, passing through 18 intersections. Because it is an open road, there are a large number of trucks, cars, non motor vehicles and pedestrians on the road at that time. The traffic participants are extremely complex, which is a typical mixed road. In general, it is difficult to drive automatically only by bicycle intelligence. However, based on vehicle road coordination, vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to road, vehicle to cloud connectivity, and global coordination of all traffic elements. It can be seen from the scene that the automatic driving is still very smooth and safe even in such difficult scenes as left turn, blind lane change and reverse overtaking.

According to the introduction of mushroom vehicle service, the coverage of vehicle road coordination has reached 300 +, including traffic signal control, flow distribution, emergency vehicle priority, speed guidance, pedestrian warning, road condition warning, etc., which are high-frequency scenes for daily driving.

During the investigation, mushroom car service demonstrated the green wave traffic scene. When fire engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles are on the road, the roadside intelligent equipment will automatically identify the vehicle type and state, and control the road end signal lights in real time, so as to turn the red light into green light, and then support the emergency rescue vehicles to pass through the green wave all the way. At the same time, the demonstration of over the horizon monitoring plays an important role in safe driving. Zhao Yi, deputy mayor of Beixiaoying Town, said: located in the characteristic town of intelligent Internet connected vehicles, since 2018, Beixiaoying has focused on developing related industries. This time, it has realized automatic driving based on vehicle road coordination, making the foundation of intelligent transportation more solid.

Vehicle road coordination is the key to realize the real landing of automatic driving, which also tests the overall situation of the whole system. The automatic driving solution based on vehicle road coordination has exceeded expectations in terms of safety and leadership. If we grasp this bull nose, intelligent transportation will run out of the acceleration of high-quality development.