How will earth life be changed by Beidou when Tianwen goes to Mars?

 How will earth life be changed by Beidou when Tianwen goes to Mars?

In the field of agriculture, Beidou not only provides simple positioning information, but also combines with sensor technology and hydraulic control to realize the whole process automation of agricultural machinery.

In terms of transportation, Beidou system has the positioning ability of centimeter level, which can track the travel path and time of public transport, automobile and other vehicles in real time, and alleviate various practical problems such as traffic congestion and parking difficulty. In the future, bus, train, plane, etc. will only be more and more accurate, and we can grasp the travel time more reasonably.

As for the exclusive secret of Beidou, it must be global short message communication. Short message refers to the two-way information transmission between satellite positioning terminal and Beidou satellite or Beidou ground service station directly through satellite signal, which breaks through the shortcoming of one-way transmission of GPS. This ensures the stability of communication, and also provides effective emergency communication in the harsh communication environment such as earthquake area, sea and desert no mans land.

No matter when, where and what kind of industry, Beidou is quietly changing our life. What are the skills behind this powerful skill point?

Lets take positioning and navigation as an example to understand the positioning principle of Beidou satellites three ball rendezvous, that is, only three satellites are needed to realize the positioning of any point on the earth.

In order to facilitate understanding, we can use high school mathematics knowledge to explain: in the three-dimensional rectangular coordinate system, three-dimensional coordinates (x, y, z) can determine the position of any point in space. Remember this simple principle.

Now lets look at the Beidou system. First of all, we can search for at least three Beidou navigation satellites anywhere on the earth, which we call a, B and C. At any given moment, the coordinates of the three satellites are definite values, which are assumed to be (XA, ya, ZA), (XB, Yb, ZB), (XC, YC, ZC).

In the navigation process, the time required for signal transmission is t, which is multiplied by the propagation speed C of electromagnetic wave, and the distance L between the user and a satellite can be obtained.

Given the location of the three satellites and the distance between the user and the three satellites, we have to solve the users positioning. We assume that it is (Xu, Yu, Zu). Are you familiar with it? Yes, its a system of quadratic equations with three variables.

Commercial players in space

Space shows the possibility of the future. Every tiny achievement may change the development process of human society. Therefore, in addition to the national heavyweight such as Beidou, countless commercial aerospace enterprises have embarked on this road of exploration. They have contributed to social progress in a lower cost and more convenient way, such as Tianyi Research Institute.

As one of the first batch of commercial aerospace companies in China, Tianyi Research Institute focuses on the development of aerospace systems and loads for commercial markets. Through microsatellites, it provides short-term, low-cost, one-stop space science experiments and technology verification services for scientists, scientific research institutes, enterprises and individuals at home and abroad, so as to make space within reach.

As of December 2019, Tianyi Research Institute has successfully launched 18 satellites, carried out 10 space missions, and has 50 commercial users. It is in the leading position of domestic private companies in terms of the number of satellites launched and the degree of technology research and development.

As a leading commercial aerospace institution in the industry, Tianyi Research Institute has also won the favor of many investment institutions, including Junlian capital and Lenovo star, two financial investment institutions of Lenovo holdings. In 2015, Lenovo star invested in angel financing of Tianyi Research Institute, and in 2018, Junlian capital led the investment in round B financing of Tianyi Research Institute.

From Beidou to tianwen-1, they are unique marks in Chinas space history. Since 1956, China has initiated the space industry from scratch, built space launch sites, developed and launched satellites and missiles. Every step is arduous and full of glory.

In 1970, Chinas first man-made earth satellite dongfanghong-1 was successfully launched at Jiuquan satellite launch site, and China became the fifth country in the world to launch a satellite; in 2003, Chinas first astronaut Yang Liwei successfully flew around the earth in the Shenzhou-5 spacecraft, and now Chinas manned space program has entered the third step; in 2013, change-3 In 2020, the three steps of the Beidou system, which has experienced 26 years of growth, has been successfully completed, while Chinas Mars exploration mission has just started.

These successive explorations, let the shining Chinese name, repose the vast dream of human star sea.