How long havent you been to the stadium?

 How long havent you been to the stadium?

The official announcement will be made to all fans of the CBA in Qingdao from July 31.

This news means that more than a month after the open match, the CBA League will welcome back the arrival of the audience after half a year. Although the audience needs to go through the nucleic acid test and complete a lot of procedures, most fans are still looking forward to entering the game.

During the CBA rematch, the players thank the fans to the camera

Fans have always been a very important part of CBA League. Although they cant play in person, the supporters of these teams still play an important role. For every team, fans are having an important influence.

On June 20, the regular season of CBA was officially restarted. After the second round, the CBA League changed the original home and away system. Instead, all teams were concentrated in Qingdao and Dongguan, playing in the form of an empty court. The second stage of the regular season and the playoffs were all concentrated in Qingdao.

In order to minimize the impact of open games on players, staff of the two divisions placed a large number of dolls and clubs jerseys in the stands of the stadium. In this way, although no spectators were cheering on the sidelines, at least it seemed that the stands were not empty.

In addition, CBA League has also taken a variety of measures to make up for the impact of the absence of fans.

From the broadcast of the game, we can see that a special starting lineup composed of fans will appear on the TV screen after the first player list of both sides is broadcast.

During the suspension of the game, a small window will also be used to show the remote cheering pictures of fans for the team. These are the efforts made by CBA League to improve the participation of fans, and to a certain extent, can reduce the regret caused by the inability of fans to enter the stadium.

However, although the league has made great efforts to make up, the CBA League has lost a lot because of the lack of fans.

On June 16, Qingdao Guoxin Double Star Club officially released the ticket processing plan for the open events in Qingdao competition area. The club refunded the tickets according to the proportion. The fans who buy the top-grade VIP package tickets will receive a refund of 1217.39 yuan. Even the fans who buy the lowest price set tickets will also be refunded 347.48 yuan, which is undoubtedly a great experience for Qingdao team Financial losses, and such economic losses, in other clubs also exist.

The economic loss, in the clubs operation level is solid, and for the players on the field, the lack of fans support on the field is also a big blow.

Almost all the big teams in CBA League have their own loyal groups. The fans of Beijing Shougang and Guangdong Hongyuan even organize the away field expedition with uniform clothes and slogans. These fans have become a beautiful scenery in the CBA arena. Their support for the ball team also gives the players great encouragement.

But after the league matches in the form of empty field, these fans will not be able to support the team on the spot. Their absence is undoubtedly a very regrettable thing.

Since the second round, when many players talk about the feeling of the open game, they all say that they are very different from the past. Yi Jianlian, the big brother of Guangdong team, thinks that the open game has a great influence on himself, because everyone expects the League to have a lively effect. Now suddenly playing empty field, we may have some influence in the degree of excitement. This influence needs to be adjusted by ourselves.

Cui Wanjun, the coach of Tongxi team, and fan Ziming, the inner line of Xinjiang team, both hold similar views with Yi Jianlian, while Dai huaibo, a player of Jilin team, said: it is different to miss the fans at home and have their refueling atmosphere. There is no way to overcome them during the epidemic period.

Dai huaibos three-point super far pressure post is wonderful enough, but it also lacks the cheers of the fans

It can be seen that no matter in terms of economy or spirit, CBA without audience is lost. The discomfort brought about by these changes needs the clubs and players to adjust themselves. For the participants of the league, how to minimize their losses is an important issue that has to be considered when the audience is unable to enter.

The CBA lost a lot in the open game.

02 crazy fans

Compared with the number of spectators of tens of thousands of football players, subject to many factors such as the size of the stadium, the date of competition and the frequency of matches, there is a certain gap between the number of spectators of CBA League and that of the Chinese Super League. Some teams even need to attract college students to fill the seats in the form of free or low-cost tickets. However, the CBA League in the field fans, can still be very crazy in the game, fanatical, no less than any fan group.

On the evening of December 20, 2019, Shandong team defeated Liaoning team with excellent strength in 114-94 at home, winning eight consecutive victories. Hudson, a small foreign aid, slashed 41 points and 10 rebounds in the face of the old owner, leading the Shandong team to win.

After the game, a large number of excited Shandong fans chanted MVP outside the stadium, waiting for Hudsons appearance. Some even set off fireworks on the scene. The scene was very shocking, which was no less than the atmosphere created by the European fanatical fans. Hudson was escorted by a number of strong men before getting on the bus. Other players of Shandong team also escaped from the layers of fans encirclement before returning to the team dormitory only a few hundred meters away from the stadium.

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Shandong fans light fireworks after match (source: Netease sports)

Like Shandong fans such fanaticism, in the CBA stadium is not a few. Beijing team and Liaoning team once met in the CBA finals, during which there were fights on the sidelines. Every collision between the two teams was extremely hot.

Beipiao boys love Liao basketball this organization also gradually accumulated a certain popularity during this period.

Usually, Wukesong, the home of Beijing team, will not set up a watching area for the visiting fans alone. However, whenever the Liaoning team comes to visit, Liaoning fans will choose to sit together to cheer for the team. A core member of Beipiao boys love Liao basketball once said that many fans who had never met before told themselves: we are not afraid of spending money, only Just sit together.

When the Beijing team visited Liaoning in 2018, Liaoning fans also developed a new snack Beijing crisp and sold it outside the main stadium. In the northeast dialect, Beijing crisp is homophonic for Beijing loses, eat Beijing crisp, watch Beijing lose. Liaoning fans have given their team strong support in this interesting way.

In addition, the cheering slogans of CBA stadium with local characteristics are Nao he in Shanxi, hi he in Qingdao and Lao Dao in Xinjiang? Beijing Whats more, it is well-known in the whole capital. Behind the crazy performance of CBA fans, there is actually a rich and colorful culture in China.

03 the war between fans has shifted from offline to online

The 20 teams of CBA league are distributed in 14 provinces. Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, which have two or more teams, have staged several Derby wars every year. However, some teams that have made good achievements in the previous competitions often make a lot of sparks when they collide with each other. For some teams, there are a few games a year that must be won, but for the fans, the same is true.

Now the CBA League is empty, and the war between fans has been transferred to the Internet from the previous match scene, in the form of online confrontation.

This season, Beijing North control has invested a lot in personnel and all aspects. After inviting Marbury as manager and taking Sun Yue into his pocket, the team, known as the new force of Beijing Basketball, is gradually closing in a large number of Beijing fans.

A Beijing aunt who likes Marbury, when she joined Beijing control as a player in 2017, she donated 500000 yuan for the team and bought five sets of tickets to express her support for her idol with practical actions. Marbury once personally expressed her gratitude to the aunt and said, what Shougang has done to me has disappointed her. She thinks she should follow me to support Beikong. I think this is very good Cool.

Now the arrival of Marbury and Sun Yue will further attract fans who originally supported Shougang for Beikong. Beijing Shougangs dominant position in Beijing is under serious threat.

The two teams met twice in the regular season, and the competition process was very fierce. In the first round, Marbury and Sun Yue returned to Wukesong, and the two Shougang meritorious deeds were welcomed by the fans. When the two sides came to the home stadium of Beijing control six days later, Zhu Yanxi made a three-point shot and the excitement of Zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo and the whole team of Shougang showed enough excitement to prove this match The importance of Derby in the hearts of Beijing team players.

Nowadays, more and more Beijing fans have begun to join the ranks of supporting Beikong. With the gradual maturity of this team, the pattern of Beijing basketball will change greatly in the future.

Marbury leads North control to the playoffs for the first time

Liaoning team and Guangdong team are undoubtedly one of the powerful contenders for the championship in recent years. Cong Mingchen, a Liaoning player in the opening game of this season, was seriously injured in the collision with Zhao Rui, a player from Guangdong Province. Fans of the two teams have different arguments about this and have a good ending.

As a matter of fact, the competition between players on the field is changing rapidly, and injuries are inevitable in their eyes, but they can always set off huge waves among fans.

Since the second round of CBA, although there have been dialogues between Beijing and Xinjiang and Guangxia versus Guangdong in the form of an empty court, there are no other derbies except the two relatively harmonious Zhejiang derbies, and many teams with deep roots have not yet met. Therefore, in the open match, the online match between fans has not reached the unprecedented situation.

But with the arrival of fans, the former you spray me fight will gradually recover.

In fact, the war between fans in the CBA League is also a reflection of culture. In the case that all fans can grasp the degree and control themselves well, it is better to have more matches.

04 fans are inseparable from the stadium and the team is inseparable from the fans

Fans and teams, in fact, are complementary.

Without the support of fans, players will lack motivation when playing games. The consumption of fans is also an important source of income for the club. Fans can get happiness, leisure time and a sense of belonging to their hometown or a certain group by watching the game. Therefore, the team can not do without fans and fans can not do without the team. This is also the way that CBA has taken to restore the game site for players since the second round of CBA And the important reason for organizing fans to carry out various activities.

This seasons CBA League, in order to do a good job of fans, league officials and all teams have invested a lot of effort. Before the start of the season, Beijing team held a large-scale welcome meeting. Many fans came to the scene to witness the release of the teams season card and surrounding products. Players such as Lin Shuhao, Zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo and Youdu came to the scene to have a cordial interaction with the fans.

Shandong team invited representatives of media and fans in the province to hold a forum to actively listen to various opinions put forward by fans, and adopted some opinions in the middle of the season. Other CBA teams also adopted various ways to attract more fans attention. It can be seen that fans are of great significance to the team.

The team cannot do without the support of the fans in all aspects, and the fans also need to satisfy themselves through the ball game. During the epidemic, being unable to go out made many people feel very boring, and the suspension of major sports events made the daily life of fans lack a very important part.

In this case, CBA League organized the PK match activity, which broadcast the training situation of each team, which attracted the attention of many fans. In the absence of games, the teams daily training can get such extensive attention, which also directly shows the important position of the team in the hearts of fans. In the daily life of many fans, supporting the teams game has become a very important part.

Since the CBA League released a statement to resume the audiences admission to the games at noon on July 23, many fans have expressed their desire to go to Qingdao to watch the match. Although only one stadium of Guoxin gymnasium in Laoshan competition area is opened this time, nucleic acid testing is required before entering the stadium, and masks are required to be worn after entering the stadium. However, all these have not dampened the enthusiasm of the fans Its been a long time since weve been longing for the day.

In fact, the opening of the CBA League is a milestone.

CBA League is the first sports event in China where fans are allowed to participate in the games. The safety measures, admission policies and relevant regulations after the resumption of watching games are the objects of reference for other competitions. However, CBA will also face a lot of pressure. They need to do their best to ensure the safety of fans, players and staff, so as to ensure the safety of the fans, players and staff.

A staff member of the Qingdao Division said that his family, who had not met for more than a month, immediately offered to buy tickets to meet him in the stadium after the news that the League was expected to resume admission. It can be seen that the CBA leagues decision to resume the admission of spectators is indeed of great significance in all aspects, and what effect can be achieved after the resumption of audience admission in the League will be widely concerned by people in the near future.

This time, CBA really came back to people.


Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Yin chongzeng, editor in charge: Zheng bin_ NS1255