Sensor comparison of intelligent mattress

 Sensor comparison of intelligent mattress

Due to the chip packaging, MEMS sensor has the advantages of easy production, high consistency and low cost. It is very suitable for the single point pressure monitoring scene, but when it is in the plane scene monitoring, it will appear that the force is not satisfied because of the rigid pressure conduction and the contact area is too small, which often can not be applied to the scene of physical signs monitoring.

According to the characteristics of several physical signs sensors, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general smart home and other occasions where the monitoring accuracy is not considered but the cost is very sensitive, the piezoelectric film is the ideal choice. If the single point pressure monitoring scenario is used, the MEMS sensor is more cost-effective. However, if it is necessary to use the risk warning scene which requires accurate monitoring under complex conditions, it is the best choice It is suggested to use optical fiber sensor.

In principle, piezoelectric thin film sensor is a kind of semi-contact sensor with low sensitivity and slow response speed. MEMS sensor is a rigid and single point monitoring sensor, while optical fiber sensor is a non-contact sensor with surface shape, high precision, high sensitivity and response speed.

Through the improvement of manufacturing process in recent years, the production technology of optical fiber sensor has been gradually mastered. Therefore, we can see that the main sensor of Gucci innovative monitoring pad is optical fiber sensor. In recent years, it has been batch applied in hospitals, nursing homes, office chairs and other scenes, which has become a non-contact physical sign on the market The piezoelectric thin film sensor has been widely used for many years, with low price and fashionable appearance. It also exists in all kinds of occasions where the actual monitoring effect is not high but the cost is very sensitive. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Product drawing of Gucci innovation monitoring pad