Is the iPhone still using the 5v1a charger?

 Is the iPhone still using the 5v1a charger?

Why are more and more fruit powder keen on PD fast charging?

More cost effective third party chargers

But if Apple users want to experience fast charging, they need to pay out of their pocket to buy a charger that supports PD and a c-lightning cable. For some iPhone users, the price of fast charging PD on Apples official website is more than 300 yuan, which is much higher than that of some high-quality domestic third-party chargers. At present, there are a certain number of third-party Apple PD fast charging heads on the market, such as lvlian, Anker, Beisi, etc. these fast charging brands are much cheaper than Apples original PD fast charging devices. However, when charging, there will be scalding and even some quality problems will occur.

The tulas mini18wpd fast charging head (small ice 18W) is a relatively excellent product in all aspects. Its volume is half as small as Apples original charger, and the charging speed is 60%. The most prominent point is the concept of low temperature fast charging. During daily charging, the whole process is low temperature, and the working temperature of minipd charging head on the market is reduced by more than 60% to ensure the safety of use. Moreover, according to internal personnel, tulas will launch small ice series of fast charging heads with different powers in the near future, which will cover PD fast charging products with different powers such as 20W, 30W and 65W.

With the news of Apples reduction of charging head, at present, domestic major electronic manufacturers are also starting to move in the charging head market. When choosing the third-party charging head, you should pay attention to the quality and safety of the products. After all, the cell phone exploded, which is also a kidney!!