Going to the cloud doesnt mean making good use of the cloud. Alibaba cloud and mobvista jointly release cloud computing technology dividends

 Going to the cloud doesnt mean making good use of the cloud. Alibaba cloud and mobvista jointly release cloud computing technology dividends

In order to solve the above problems, Alibaba cloud, together with mobvista, launched spotmax, a large-scale flexible cluster management platform, at the cloud habitat conference in 2019. The platform aims to help more enterprises build a system architecture that conforms to the characteristics of the cloud, and make full use of the high elastic resources on the cloud to help enterprises enjoy the technological dividend brought by cloud computing.

The story of spotmax starts with a military order

In 2017, with the outbreak of mobvista mobile Internet advertising business, the traffic surge further led to a substantial increase in Enterprise Cloud costs. At that time, mobvista had made several attempts to reduce cloud cost, including the merger and elimination of low CPU utilization machines, optimization of data storage, purchase of resolveinstance reserved instance, etc. However, the cost of cloud resources still brings great challenges to the company. In this context, Duan Wei, the founder of mobvista, found Cai Chao. He believed that Cai Chao must have a way to reduce the cloud cost of mobvista.

Make full use of cloud elastic resources to complete military order

After entering mobvista, Cai Chao first optimized the system architecture of mobvista and transformed the original cloud system of mobvista to the original cloud architecture. A distributed microservice architecture is constructed, which makes the system more flexible and available, and can make better use of high elastic resources in the cloud.

Alibaba clouds global deployment of data centers makes mobvista close enough to users around the world. At the same time, mobvista developed a cloud cluster management platform spotmax by combining Alibaba clouds elastic scaling service and spot preemptive instance.

Elastic scaling is a resource management service of alicloud, which can automatically create and release resources according to the users business operation status and elastic policies. The preemptive instance is a low-cost bidding instance launched by Alibaba cloud, which is similar to the advertising bidding mode. The enterprise needs to specify the bidding price when creating the preemptive instance. When the market price of the specified instance is lower than the enterprises bidding price and the inventory is sufficient, the user can purchase and use the instance according to the bidding price for 1 hour. After one hour, when the market price is higher than the specified price, the instance will be released automatically.

According to Cai Chao, the price of preemptive instances is usually only about 20% of that of on-demand instances. Therefore, using Alibaba cloud preemptive instances is undoubtedly one of the effective ways to reduce the cost of using cloud for enterprises. But how to reduce the risk to the business when the instance is released? This is the most worrying problem when most enterprises use preemptive instances. It is precisely for this reason that mobvista chose the more conservative reserved instance mode instead of the preemptive instance with the highest cost performance ratio.

In this regard, spotmax reduces the release rate of preemptive instances by means of productization, finds the balance between resources and cost, and effectively reduces the cloud cost of enterprises on the premise of ensuring system availability.

In the end, mobvista achieved a 65% reduction in the cost of unit advertising requests, and Cai Chao completed the original military order. Then, in order to help more enterprises save cloud costs and make better use of cloud high elastic resources. Mobvista has commercialized its successful experience and launched spotmax, a large-scale flexible cluster management platform, in conjunction with Alibaba cloud. It aims to give full play to the price advantage of Alibaba clouds preemptive instance, and at the same time, intelligently maintain and ensure the stability of the cluster. Help more enterprises easily enjoy high-quality cloud services with higher cost performance.

Alibaba cloud connects, spotmax wins the first battle

It is understood that after the transformation of the companys DSP advertising business, the amount of cloud resources required daily fluctuates greatly. In order to meet the resource peak, it needs to increase a lot of cloud cost. In order to solve the cost problem, the CEO of the company began to think about how to maximize the use of the characteristics of Alibaba cloud preemptive instances, so as to meet their own enterprises flexible business needs and reduce costs as much as possible.

After learning about the companys demands, Alibaba cloud immediately thought of spotmax. Alibaba cloud technology students recalled, at that time, we first thought of solving the cloud cost problem of this enterprise through spotmax, because the dilemma faced by the enterprise was very similar to that faced by mobvista at the beginning. At the same time, the DSP advertising business also has common features with mobvistas business. he thought that spotmax, which can greatly save the cloud cost of mobvista, is also applicable to the enterprise Industry.

Cai Chao recalled that after getting the demand of the enterprise, the team immediately analyzed the reasons for the rise in cloud cost, and soon found that the enterprises server model was large, not easy to scale and lacked flexibility. This also directly leads to the problem that the cloud cost of the enterprise increases after the traffic increases, and the business expansion is difficult. Cai Chao said that at present, most of the existing architectures of enterprises were built before the birth of the cloud, and the traditional architecture model is difficult to effectively utilize the elastic advantages brought by cloud computing. He further explained that at present, there is no book on architecture in the market that can solve the problem of high cloud cost in enterprises. Many distributed books, including books related to MIT, were written before the cloud, so they are not in line with the characteristics of cloud.

After learning that mobvista has saved tens of millions of dollars in cloud costs over the past two years through spotmax, the company quickly reached a partnership with mobvista. According to the CEO of the company, the reason why they reached cooperation so quickly was that their own business and mobvista had a high degree of commonality. Through mobvistas successful experience, they saw both the great direction and the actual action of landing. Finally, through spotmax, the enterprise realized 50% reduction in unit request cost and realized profit in the financial year settlement. At the same time, through spotmax to optimize the original architecture, further found more business possibilities. For them, its a surprise, the CEO said in his communication with Alibaba cloud and mobvista.

Mining cloud computing technology dividend

According to Cai Chao, the spotmax scheme consists of three parts: maxarch, maxchaos and maxgroup. Among them, maxarch provides evaluation of existing enterprise architecture, migration to cloud and design of cloud native architecture; maxchaos mainly provides chaos engineering service, which can help enterprises continuously improve system availability; and maxgroup is spotinstance cluster management service, which helps by cluster anti degradation, spotinstance cluster recommendation and hybrid cluster load balancing based on Reinforcement Learning Enterprises save the cost of using cloud.

What kind of enterprise is more suitable to use spotmax? Cai Chao said that in principle, as long as enterprises using cloud services can use spotmax services. However, with a large number of user requests, which require quick response and are highly related to user experience, spotmax will play a more prominent role, such as programmed advertising, e-commerce, e-government, enterprise management services (CRM, ERP) and high-performance computing. The reason why he chose to cooperate with Alibaba cloud to launch spotmax is that Alibaba has a complete ecosystem of service enterprises. According to data, by the end of 2019, more than 3 million enterprises in the world have been using Alibaba cloud. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

The reason why he chose to cooperate with Alibaba cloud to launch spotmax is that Alibaba has a complete ecosystem of service enterprises. According to data, by the end of 2019, more than 3 million enterprises in the world have been using Alibaba cloud.