Two weeks later, old loves sweet words, booing, cant help moving, turned to embrace, and as good as ever

 Two weeks later, old loves sweet words, booing, cant help moving, turned to embrace, and as good as ever

In love, Taurus does not seem to be so flexible. When love comes, Taurus is not ready for everything, but they are afraid that they will miss a good relationship because of their indecision. Therefore, even if not ready, Taurus will be committed to love. The conflicts in the process of love can not extinguish all Tauruss passion, even in the face of breaking up, Taurus will not give up casually. Two weeks later, the old love, Taurus love to move, turn to embrace, love as sweet as ever.


In fact, Gemini is not always happy, they also have their own grievances and unwilling. Especially in the face of a failed relationship, Gemini is always immersed in it in the dead of night, sad to be unable to extricate themselves. Geminis heart is looking forward to the return of love, and the hope of reconciling with the past. As long as your predecessor takes a step toward yourself, Gemini will willingly take the remaining 99 steps. Two weeks later, the effort is worth the effort. Gemini is looking forward to the old love. He is excited and tries his best to save it. The two embrace again.


My sister said that the character is steady, act as a person always like to do a thorough plan, Capricorn does not like to let themselves into a dilemma. So before a lot of things start, Capricorn will imagine the possibility of a situation, and will implement it after careful consideration. Capricorn does not need to be surrounded by too many friends. Most of the time, they prefer to be alone. Sometimes, the emotional shackles may bring more troubles to Capricorn.

But Capricorn is also very realistic, they know that in the future life or need to have a person who can join hands with themselves for life to accompany themselves. They are also trying to find the right object, in fact, before their hearts are not empty, but that person has not entered their own planning. In fact, as long as Capricorn pay more efforts, the other side can release their enthusiasm again. Two weeks later, Capricorn reunites with her old love, warms up, turns and hugs her ex, and is as good as ever.