Feng Shaofeng deleted the blog in the middle of the night and collapsed to expose: Zhao Liying, I cant put on

 Feng Shaofeng deleted the blog in the middle of the night and collapsed to expose: Zhao Liying, I cant put on

Recently, Feng Shaofeng has been online for several consecutive days late at night and deleted a lot of blogs!

He and Zhao Liying marriage, it seems that is not empty wind!

Feng Shaofeng lost control of his mood at night and broke down and exposed!

But I see a problem that needs to be paid attention to!

Not only that, he has been emaciated and haggard since he made his new play.

Because of the pressure of filming, he sometimes shut himself up and burst into tears and decompressed.

Seeing Feng Shaofeng holding her head and crying, Zhao Liying has no extra comfort.

Feng Shaofeng, once a dandy boy, met Zhao Liying. I really dont want to keep pretending!

In 2014, he also deleted thousands of microblogs overnight because of the pressure.

At the beginning of shooting, Feng Shaofeng behaved normally, and the makeup was not improper for the play.

But only he knew that, because he couldnt find the feeling to be in the play, his sadness and frustration made him want to give up for a time.

Fortunately, director Han Han found out in time, and quickly called to enlighten him, he just recovered to adjust.

Yes, when emotions get out of control, they really eat up everything.

Just like Zhang Ziyi recently pushed a horror brain burning film secret corner, she said a word that impressed me deeply!

Dont be a slave to your emotions, it will make life more painful.

I think so!

In the play, the pushers behind Zhang Dongsheng and Zhu Chaoyang are both in bad mood.

For love, Zhang Dongsheng left his hometown and went to his wifes home.

Working for many years, he is only a temporary teacher of childrens palace.

The salary is low, usually receives the favor of the womans family, is regarded as Phoenix man.

Family dinner, suffered from the white eyes and contempt of relatives.

You can imagine how many unbearable emotions he has suffered from the frustration of his self-esteem over the years.

His wife urged him to divorce every day, and his father-in-law and his mother-in-law advised him to divorce.

In order to keep his marriage and love, Zhang Dongsheng pushed his father-in-law down the mountain and created an accident.

After discovering that his wife had an affair, he secretly changed his wifes medicine and let her die of sudden hypoglycemia while swimming.

Years of negative emotions have led to this devastating outcome.

She asked to spend money to keep accounts. She didnt need to make friends in school. It was her mothers pride to be the first in the exam

Under the control of her mothers long-term emotional control, Zhu Chaoyang could not be happy at all.

Zhu Chaoyang said milk cant drink, wait for a while to drink, mother instant face change!

After drinking the milk, his mother reached out to help him wipe his mouth. Zhu Chaoyang dodged. His mothers eyes suddenly changed and her mood was out of control

All the negative emotions poured out were directed at Zhu Chaoyang.

Little do you know, emotion is contagious!

Zhu Chaoyang has been performing a perfect child, trying to please his mother and father.

Even his younger sister didnt take him seriously.

He didnt dare to get angry or resist.

But the negative emotions will not disappear. They ferment silently in the heart and produce malice.

Later, Zhu Jingjing died, Wang Yao died, Zhu Chaoyangs father died, good friends Yan Liang and Pu Pu died

Unable to digest the negative emotions, 14-year-old Zhu Chaoyang from a simple obedient learning bully, step by step into a ruthless devil.

A bad mood is like an active volcano. Once it erupts, everything around you will turn to ashes.

And camouflage, will only make the mood worse!

Because the mood is too much, two people open the gas valve, intend to die together.

Later, they went to the police station and the police mediated for one night. They remembered that the gas had not been turned off.

When two policemen rushed by, just downstairs husband and wife got up to cook, the result exploded.

Two people out of control, destroyed a few families!

Some police have said that many people who break the law because of impulse are not big bad people.

It is a moment of emotional loss of control, not only hurt others, but also their own.

In dangerous personality recognition, people with emotional instability are regarded as dangerous personality.

This kind of person has changeable temperament and lacks the ability to control emotions. A little stimulation can be detonated.

In Wanning, Hainan, a 6-year-old girl was killed by her own father with a belt, a broom and a hanger.

The little girl, who was sent to the hospital, was covered with blood stasis on her hands and feet, and her whole body turned purple and black.

In a Chinese restaurant in the United States, a Chinese couple reported to the police that their 5-year-old daughter was missing.

The next day, police found the body of her daughter in the kitchen of the restaurant.

It turned out that because the daughter was disobedient, the mother was out of control and repeatedly hit her head with gravity until her daughter died.

But the mother always argued for herself

My daughters disobedience made me angry. I dont want to do that, but sometimes I cant control myself.

Bad mood is the catalyst of violence, killing is invisible!

In April last year, in the new village of Lujiang County, his wife asked her husband to bring chicken drumsticks to her when he came back, but he forgot when he came back.

Two people for this quarrel and scuffle, the wife in a rage picked up a fruit knife to stab her husband to death.

A chicken leg, a human life.

The wifes bad mood is more fatal than the fruit knife in her hand!

Hangzhou, a couple of 80s husband and wife quarreled, the wife jumped out of the building in anger.

The husband lost control of emotion and broke his wifes hand holding the railing alive. His wife fell from a building and died.

After the event, the husband was remorseful

Facts have proved that once a person is affected by bad emotions, his IQ will really become zero.

If you cant control your emotions, it will end in tragedy.

North University sophomore cheating in the examination, was found by the invigilator teacher, jumped off a building to commit suicide;

The female passenger was sentenced to four years imprisonment for questioning the bus drivers overcharging of 1 yuan and slapping the driver on the spot

If there is a hell in the world, it exists in peoples hearts.

Life does not come again, when it is too late to regret!

All the bad mood, the final payment is their own.

What kind of mood you are, what your life is.

According to a survey published by the US News Network, it is found that:

Anger, anxiety, depression, grievance, pressure

These bad emotions are easy to cause a variety of adverse physiological changes, in the accumulation of our body.

Actress Xu Ting died of cancer at the age of 26 because of long-term pressure.

A 59 year old woman took out a huge tumor from her abdomen, weighing 70 Jin.

All illness is the defeat of emotion.

There is a character called cancer personality, which incidence rate of cancer is more than 3 times higher than that of the average person.

The body will remember all the bad emotions you repress.

Nervous people are prone to headache, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease;

Often no sense of security, unhappy people, prone to low immunity;

Fatigue and tension mostly lead to gastrointestinal diseases;

Indecision and lack of self-confidence are usually the emotional labels of diabetic patients;

It is easy to get hyperplasia of mammary glands if you are not angry;

Festingers law points out that:

10% of your life is made up of what happens to you.

The other 90% is determined by how you react to what happened.

I remember a program I saw before

Venus asked Yang Mi:

Whether its breaking up or being expelled from the company, you should accept it first because it has already happened, and then ask yourself:

Sad? Well, Im sorry.

Why sad? What did you do wrong? What is your responsibility?

Can you do it next time? We can do it next time.

Can you change it? It can be changed.

She basically skips the emotional process and doesnt let her emotions affect her normal life.

Yang Mi, it has been the top current in the circle for these years.

Bad emotions are like a beacon that tells us where something is wrong and what needs to be changed.