I, 36 years old, divorced three times: after the former Gong gave up, he saw the blood behind the marriage

 I, 36 years old, divorced three times: after the former Gong gave up, he saw the blood behind the marriage

Fortunately, she is optimistic in nature. Let me write her story to remind everyone.

Here is her story. (for the convenience of narration, the following are all in the first person)

First paragraph: deep love of the first love, parents opposed, desperate to get married, but betrayed

My first husband is my high school classmate, we are good after the college entrance examination, is each others first love. After four years of long-distance love, we were very happy. As soon as we graduated, we began to plan to get married, thinking that we would finally be together every day.

However, I was strongly opposed by my parents. My mother said that his family conditions were normal, and the University was not a key university, and the work after that did not seem to be much better. I am very angry after hearing that. I think my mother is too powerful. Is our love for so many years so worthless? I told my mother that we would work together in the future life. Besides, now that we have just graduated, how do you think he will not become a potential stock in the future?!

In short, despite the opposition of our family, we married. In the first three months of our marriage, we were tired of each other every day, as if we were trying to make up for all the hardships we had in our long-distance love. But soon the days tend to be calm, I find an office unit at home to work, every day work is very leisure, welfare benefits are better than him. He went to an Internet company. He worked overtime every day, and the pressure was very heavy. Later, I often quarreled with him because he couldnt accompany me. Later, he was directly dumped by others

I was stunned after hearing this, because we have been in love for so many years, and he has never talked to me like this. Later, we quarreled more and more frequently. He always took my familys dissatisfaction with him to say things, so much so that he began to stay at night and told me to work overtime in the company all night. Until one time I went to his company to look for him. I arrived at six oclock. As a result, I saw him come out with a woman holding hands at eight oclock.

There was no too much quarrel, because we had been quarrelling intermittently for more than a year before this matter. I asked for a divorce, and he didnt detain him too much, which was equivalent to going out of the house. After all, our wedding room and decoration were all from my family, so my first love and youth ended.

After my friends learned that I divorced my first love, they comforted me one after another and enlightened me that I would leave when I left. The sisters will introduce you a rich one this time! Its not easy to find a family with such good conditions and good looks.

Its easy to say. After that, I spent nearly half a year in various blind date occasions, including those who run companies, real estate tycoons, and those who run factories at home... Money means money, but they dont call.

His father is a leader of state-owned enterprises, and his mother is a university professor. However, he and his ex-wife had a son, and they were separated because of the old quarrel. It is said that his ex-wife is particularly Princess sick.

Later, we talked and speculated, and soon confirmed the relationship. The key is that I get along well with his son. At that time, I thought that the child was not an obstacle for us. After that, we should have one of our own.

After half a year of love, we got it. I was pregnant in three months. But later on, I found that our relationship was not a big problem, but his ex-wife began to disturb our lives. For example, when I want to take my child for vaccination, his ex-wife is very anxious to call him and say that his son has a fever, so he has to rush there. In fact, its just a common cold and fever.

Even if the bulb of her ex-wifes house broke down, she asked my husband to help her get it... At first, I comforted myself, all for the sake of children, but later, the more I wanted to get angry, we also had our own children!

This marriage only lasted for more than two years. We still left, thanks to his ex-wife. After the divorce, I moved to a foreign company, thinking of the unfortunate marriage, I would like to make more money.

The third paragraph: marry the honest man in the legend and begin to reflect on the marriage after he died of no illness

Ive been divorced twice, and the kids are mine. Now my mother was completely worried, she said that I was too willful to listen to her, after the feelings must be her one by one, can not let me so presumptuous alive.

My mother began to mobilize seven aunts to help me with this matter. I told my mother that it was good for me to take children alone, and I didnt need a man. My moms theory started again

Can the child be with you forever? Now she is so small, you have no one to take care of you! Im so old. Youre still mad at me

Sure enough, I finally married a man who was satisfied with all the elders: a state-owned enterprise employee, unmarried at an older age, didnt mind me taking care of my children, and was very kind to my children and my parents. It can be said that I married him mostly because I was moved.

We have never communicated with each other on this issue. I can confirm that he is nobody outside. Maybe he is such a dull person. I cant change him.

Paragraph 4: I was going to live with my child alone, but I met him

Ive been single for two years since my last divorce. Ive been thinking a lot over the past two years. The lesson I learned is that I didnt think about it before I got married, and I spent so many years focusing on men and neglecting to improve myself.

Since then, in addition to tutoring my children every day, I have applied for a work-related class and a yoga class for myself, so I have filled in my single life for the past two years, and I have also been promoted. I feel that the whole person is no longer as lifeless and grumbling as before.

Later, at a project cooperation meeting, I met my husband now. My first impression of him is not very good, because I think he is young and vigorous, and he is less steady. But later, I found out that he put forward all the creative plans we finally finalized. After several meetings, we did not meet each other. We just added wechat, but we never chatted.

Later, due to the progress of the project, we started to communicate separately. For a long time, we had to call three times a week or make an appointment to have a meeting in a coffee shop. Later, after each meeting, he would take the initiative to have dinner together.

Later, he would give me greetings and give me presents during the festival, and often bought some toys, books, trinkets and so on for my daughter. I also took my daughter out with him several times, but they got along very well.

On a Chinese Valentines day, he confessed to me that he didnt mind my past and liked my children very much. He believes that love should not be adulterated with too many impurities, only two people attract and love each other, enough.

To tell you the truth, I am particularly hesitant. On the one hand, I appreciate and like him very much, but on the other hand, I am really afraid of entering into marriage again. I told him I had to think about it for three months, and he said he respected me completely. As a result, on the way to pick up my daughter that week, it rained heavily. My mother patronized to umbrella my daughter for fear that she would get wet. She fell down and broke her leg.

At that time, I felt like I was so grown-up, my mother worried about me for most of her life, but I didnt let her really down.

As a result, he knew about it, because I took two weeks off to take care of my mother, and seldom answered his wechat. Later, he came to the hospital to see me. He took the initiative to pick up the baby for me, take her to dinner, and then send it back to me after writing homework, so that my father would not be bothered.

My mother saw these behaviors, and I saw them.

We got it some time ago. Yes, this is my four marriages. But I feel like its my first real marriage, because I feel like two adults who like each other and mature together.

In fact, I want to say that no matter how many detours you take, true love is worth waiting for, but only if you reflect on the past and never stop improving yourself.


Maybe everyone will feel different after reading the four good marriage experiences. Some people may see her tortuous marriage path, while others may see the final good ending. But I still want to remind you of three points.

1. Dont get married just to get married

Young unmarried people may be hot headed and want to stick together every day after marriage and continue to enjoy the sweetness of love;

However, there is no shortcut to love and marriage. Marriage is a new stage in life, just like we enter a strange environment. If we dont make enough preparation and understanding, it will be affected by unexpected things and pressure.

After all, life is not good enough.

2. Dont take marriage as a way to trust your future

How many people think that I am married anyway, a major event in life is completely settled, I can live freely, because no matter what, the other party will accompany me to face.

Your partner will accompany you to face up to the truth, then once this kind of idea is deeply rooted, and then it should be developed, it will be very dangerous.

After many people get married, they completely tie all their emotions, major events and minor affairs with each other, or throw them to each other. As time goes by, I become more and more independent. If I dont say it, my partner will feel invisible pressure.

Marriage should be two happy people living together, rather than one person carrying the other persons all to live.

3. Dont let men be your weakness

In fact, I think whether unmarried or have a long history of marriage, I have seen too many women because of their feelings, men involved in their own emotions, so that they can not live a normal life.

At the end:

May we all find such a partner.

Dont let men

Become your own weakness