30 just Mao Xiaotongs divorce: marriage is not a safe haven. Who wants to take refuge?

 30 just Mao Xiaotongs divorce: marriage is not a safe haven. Who wants to take refuge?

On the day of her 30th birthday, she finally chose to end the compromise marriage. Standing at the door of her 30-year-old, she experienced the loss of her child and the cold violence of her husband, and finally decided to start a new life.

Chen Yu, however, is a man who is old-fashioned and pursues stability. Such collocation is like a piece of hot iron meets a piece of ice for thousands of years.

When she learned that she was pregnant, Chen Yu felt that she had gone beyond their original plan and tried to kill the child;

When his mother-in-law accidentally pulled out the fish tank, he lost his temper to his wife and even treated marriage in a cold and violent way.

When she asked him: why do people like you want to get married?

However, his answer turned out to be a complete scum man: I got married for the sake of ease and ease of mind. In order to live a down-to-earth life, they all say that marriage is a haven. Who doesnt marry for a down-to-earth life?

Zhong Xiaoqin finally cant bear it: all want to avoid the wind, who will be the port?

Many people think that marriage is a kind of stability for two people. From then on, there will be a safe haven, and there will always be a person behind you who will support and protect you unconditionally.

But no one has the responsibility and obligation to stand behind you forever to sacrifice and give. If everyone wants to be the protected person, who is willing to be the victim.

Marriage is not a safe haven. If people want to take refuge, who will be the port?


Ive heard such a saying: marriage is a womans second reincarnation, and how the latter half of her life depends on what kind of person she marries.

So many parents and even girls themselves will have such an idea: girls do not have to work too hard, the key is to find a good husband.

But as he Han said in the first half of my life:

Its better to be shabby and rudimentary than to rely on others.

Luo Zijun is a 33 year old housewife, but she still has to struggle every day to fight against the gorgeous girls around her husband.

When her husband cheated, she found that she had nothing but shopping malls and no financial independence.

In this marriage, she is a failure, not in the affair of cheating, but in her own not to leave a marriage.

As most people think, as long as you marry a stable and steady husband, you will have security and shelter. But at the end of the day, he found that the big wind and big waves were all given by him.

Teacher Lu Qi said:

There is no feast that will never come to an end, and no one is your real support.

So I hope all those who want to divorce should understand one thing. In a short time, someone will help you. In a short time, when you are in trouble, someone will come to pull you, but no one will be your lifelong supporter.

Dont take marriage as your safe haven. Maybe it can make you dock safely today, and tomorrow it will give you all the wind and waves.


Marriage is never a worry free thing

There is a topic on Weibo today: is marriage for ease?

After reading Chen Yus words in just thirty, many people feel very sympathetic.

Before marriage, two people always have endless words to say, but after marriage, they do their own things at home. Wechat chat and even expression pack are not shown.

Five sentences at most can finish a day.

Some men say: isnt marriage just a matter of relaxation?

There is no need to talk about topics every day, to maintain a love relationship between two people, and to remember all kinds of anniversaries to make surprises.

Marriage means living in peace.

But it is because of this thought that there is such a sentence:

Marriage is the grave of love.

After the operation, she was weak, but Chen Yu still went to work in the company without any care;

She liked cats, but Chen Yu actually sent them away just for their favorite fish.

In this marriage, he did not give in to her at all, just to live comfortably.

The purpose of marriage is to have a shoulder to lean on when one is tired; to have a bowl of hot noodles when you go home after being polished by the society; and when you feel aggrieved, someone will listen to you quietly.

But it doesnt mean that you can always be the one to be given.

She can do the housework for you, and you need to help her share the burden;

She can listen to you, you also need to take into account her ideas and opinions;

She can give you a warm embrace, you also need to accompany her when she needs to.

Marriage is really not a worry, because you have to change from one persons life to two peoples marriage.

In the past, you only need to live a comfortable life, but after marriage, you need to manage the common life of two people and even the future of a family.

So if you get married just for the sake of comfort, then you shouldnt be married at all.

After all, those who only know how to accept others sacrifice will not understand love.


Marriage is not a haven, independence is

For many men, marriage is to find a safe haven for themselves.

But marriage really doesnt work that much.

It is just the product of two families formed by love or responsibility. Even some peoples marriage does not contain love.

Therefore, there are so-called asexual marriage, wordless marriage and joint rent marriage. For them, marriage is only regarded as their final retreat.

However, many people have not found that marriage can never guarantee anything, including love.

Just like Zhong Xiaoqin, who has always been regarded as a safe haven, even though she was often angry at her husbands inaction before she lost her child, she did not find the harm this marriage brought to her.

However, after the loss of her child, she fell asleep with headphones every day, but Chen Yu was sleeping soundly; she needed to be cared for after her operation, but Chen Yu refused to take a leave.

Some marriages, when they have not experienced the storm, may still be calm, once there is wind and rain, only to find that marriage is not a haven at all.

Because no one will become another persons haven, there are only two people willing to work together in the wind and rain on the sea, jointly support a ship.

Marriage is accompany, accompany, advance and retreat together, but it must not be a harbor for anyone.