Vettel: I dont want han to break the Schumacher record. I hope I can

 Vettel: I dont want han to break the Schumacher record. I hope I can

Since joining the Ferrari team in 2015, Vettel has been expected to copy the brilliant achievements made by German compatriot Schumacher here, but things went against his wishes. However, Vettel did not regret his decision to join Ferrari. It has always been my childhood dream to follow Ferrari. I have always regarded Schumacher as my goal, and I still think he is the greatest driver ever.

Vettel won the F1 World Championship last time, but also back to 2013, since then Mercedes team Hamilton suddenly emerged, monopolizing the world championship for six consecutive years. Nevertheless, Vettels dream of winning the championship has not disappeared. I did this not only for myself, but also for Schumacher. The German said with a smile, I hope that with my own strength, Lewis won fewer Championships, so that Schumachers record can be maintained.

Vettel also admitted that although he did not want others to break Schumachers record, he had always dreamed of surpassing his idol. Unfortunately, Im not as successful as he is, but Im mature enough - I can recognize why Im different and then keep working.

At present, Ferrari has confirmed that Vettel will leave the team at the end of the 2020 season, and the future of the four time F1 world champion has been questioned. It is rumored that Vettel is expected to join Aston Martin (the current race point) team, and Sergio Perez will be replaced by him.