Substitute official Xuan sane said at the press conference that Chelsea have signed Hafez

 Substitute official Xuan sane said at the press conference that Chelsea have signed Hafez

Chelsea have recently signed Werner, the German striker in Red Bull Leipzig, and the Blues have recently been linked with the future of pharmaceutical midfield jaffers. Born in 1999, hafts, who is only 21 years old, has made 148 appearances for the first team of Leverkusen, scoring 45 goals and 31 assists. In the past season, he has made 43 appearances in various competitions, scored 17 goals, assisted 9 times and made 26 goals.

According to the news given by the media, the pharmaceutical company was unable to successfully retain Hafez. The German rookie hoped to play on a larger stage. The pharmaceutical company priced him 90 million pounds, of which 63 million pounds were paid immediately, and the remaining 27 million pounds were additional bonus terms. Recently, the mainstream media generally think that Chelsea are the most likely destination for Hafez, but so far, the deal has not been officially announced.

Although neither Chelsea nor the pharmaceutical company have confirmed the transfer of hafts, sane gave a lot of information when attending Bayern Munich press conference, he said that Chelsea have signed Hafez. Sane was asked at a press conference why German players are so popular in the Premier League, which has nothing to do with Hafezs move to Chelsea, but sane said so.

I have always believed that Germany has always had excellent young players, many young players can get growth opportunities in the Bundesliga and make good development. I think Chelsea have signed two very good German players, Werner and hafts, and they have done a great job

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