He Tianju: I have never seen Li Xiaoxu cry because of his injury. The rest of the things are handed over to us

 He Tianju: I have never seen Li Xiaoxu cry because of his injury. The rest of the things are handed over to us

Liaoning player he Tianju released a long article on social media, regretting Li Xiaoxus injury and looking forward to his teammates early recovery.

I have never seen the second elder brother shed tears because of his injury. In everyones mind, he is the strongest tough guy in the team. Why is God so unfair to treat a player who is so obsessed with basketball. When I saw my second brothers painful expression and tears full of disappointment, I was also stimulated by empathy, and I also cried

I shed tears for such people who work hard. For athletes, for 30-year-old veterans like us, what does this injury mean? I seem to see myself a few years ago. Our job is to face all kinds of pressure of public opinion, injuries and training day after day, which we can accept and face bravely With the growth of age, the decline of physical function, and then to face such sudden injury, the last defense line in our heart will collapse

I dont want to lose a good team friendly brother like this. I hope God can take more care of this veteran veteran and let him recover quickly. I also hope that this kind of care will be given to all the players struggling on the field. Because the job of athlete is really not easy. The second brother hopes that your injury is just because you are tired and want to rest for a few days. The rest of the work will be handed over to the rest of us. I hope you can come back and tell everyone that your injury is nothing serious. I pray for you and hope you can return to your favorite stadium soon We are waiting for you. Liaoning team will always be the 22nd. He Tianju wrote this touching passage on social media.

Li Xiaoxu was injured with 10.8 seconds left from the end of the third quarter with Shanxi team. At that time, he scrambled for offensive rebounds under the opponents basket. After landing, his leg softened and then fell to the ground, covering his injured right knee. After falling, Li Xiaoxu beat the floor with his hands and covered his face with both hands. After that, he was carried to the edge of the field by his teammates, carried on a stretcher and left the field. Lying on the stretcher, Li Xiaoxu also covered his face with a towel, and everyone was worried about him.

After the game, Liaoning foreign teacher Martinez said when talking about Li Xiaoxus injury: although won the game, but Li Xiaoxu was injured, I feel very depressed.

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