How does a five-star agent sell a house? Beijing chain master Li Juans secret is professional + sincere

 How does a five-star agent sell a house? Beijing chain master Li Juans secret is professional + sincere

Also in the circle of friends hair house, why Li Juan so popular?

Li Juan has been deeply engaged in the industry for 12 years, and has won almost all the honorary awards. However, some of her operations are a bit Crazy, such as frequent updates in the circle of friends. Frankly speaking, swiping the screen is not pleasant, there is the risk of being blackened and shielded. But in Li Juans view, this is a way of customer stratification, which is more conducive to targeting accurate customers. Customers who really have a demand for a house have a higher desire for high-quality housing resources..

Facts have proved that Li Juans idea is right, customer consultation is uninterrupted, and will recommend to friends.

The key lies in the quality of the source and the presentation of information. Li Juan believes that, we have a desire to appreciate beautiful things, and the same is true for high-quality housing. Therefore, there is only one standard for Li Juan to screen the housing resources: high quality!

In Li Juans view, the house source recommendation is not limited to the responsibility plate, which can not only show the wide range of business services, but also highlight its own professional value.

In addition, copywriting and picture matching are also learning. In addition to describing the core selling points, copywriting is also essential for location, landmark buildings and surrounding subway. In order to help customers quickly locate, Li Juan will also be equipped with a map screenshot.

If it is because of homicide and other accidents caused by the room, Li Juan also truthfully described, no taboo. Some people suggested not to write, but she believed that the flaws could not hide the advantages, and that honesty was the foundation of service. Sure enough, a customer came to the door to consult, and the deal was closed.

How to seize the resources to transform after the customer goes to the door?

There are no more than two sources of customers, one is official channels such as link and circle of friends, and the other is resource regeneration. No matter what kind, only by seizing resources can we have opportunities to transform, win trust and seize business opportunities. Across the screen, no one knows who, want to prove that they are trustworthy, with data is the best way.

Li Juan attaches great importance to the timeliness and comprehensiveness of data, because she once planted. At first, the systems transaction data was her entire source. Until a client sent out more comprehensive data than she provided. She felt very ashamed and reflected on the value of consultants. After that, she would combine the data of flint house source paper and integrate the transaction situation of the industry, and analyze them for clients horizontal and vertical comparison. These data are up-to-date and complete, which are concerned by customers but can not be obtained in time. In view of the special transaction situation, Li Juan will also explain the analysis, so that customers have a more rational judgment.

Customers initial demand, it is easy to see the house offline and be defeated by reality. Therefore, Li Juan will prepare a number of plans, based on the data, combined with the objective situation and subjective needs, to analyze them for the reference of customers.

After a lot of orders were signed successfully, the relationship did not end here, but upgraded to friends. Customers recognize her professionalism, respect her consultant status, friends will take the initiative to introduce Li Juan. Therefore, she never has to worry about customers. The ratio of old customers to new customers is 6:4. It is not difficult to see that Li Juan has a strong ability to transform resources.

In this regard, Li Juans experience is: the competition in the real estate brokerage industry is fierce, the first impression largely determines whether customers choose you. Data presentation and analysis are powerful weapons to win trust. From the perspective of customers, objective analysis is more effective than any emotional card.

How to improve the referral rate? One of Li Juans experiences is: multiple housing, mining real demand.

Wide but not scattered is a major feature of Li Juan. Dont be limited by what the customer says.. This idea originated from a previous order. The customer thought that 3.1 million yuan was expensive, but eventually a house of 8 million yuan was sold. Li Juan suddenly realized that customers rarely can directly say their real needs, and they need to constantly explore. Since then, according to the basic needs of customers, she will select the housing resources in Beijing that meet the requirements, and send them to customers after comprehensive comparison.

Of course, cross regional recommended housing, it is best to face-to-face. When consulting online, customers are in planning and are easily limited by price and other factors. And offline can experience, direct visual impact is more convincing.

As for non dispersion, it is reflected in the perpendicularity of customers. Li Juan has four problems: potential dispute risk, touching the bottom line of morality, paying intention money, and too large a target. The first three are easy to understand, and the fourth is difficult to understand. In Li Juans opinion, she has focused on just needed and primary improvement for many years. Instead of spending energy on luxury housing, she should concentrate on this field. Luxury house pay attention to circle culture, pay attention to privacy, and small and medium-sized target groups have more human fireworks, the probability of introducing is higher.

In addition, Li Juan has always believed that the core of improving the high referral rate is the accumulation of word-of-mouth. To maximize the interests of customers, service will have a chain reaction.

Li Juan once had a client, which was the first transaction in August 2009, and then successively purchased several houses from Li Juan. In addition to the houses sold, there were seven or eight before and after the transaction. Li Juan believes that old customers are well maintained and their loyalty is very high. The secret is actually not difficult: first, support them with sufficient data; second, they are not forced to put themselves in the shoes of customers. Only if they are sincere enough and service is in place, customers will be willing to pay for your knowledge.

Li Juan also set a record of serving 1 new customer and bringing 9 referrals. In September last year, Li Juan received a client from a banks wealth management manager, who was familiar with the sales routines and used skills only, which was easy to be self defeating.

Instead of playing routine, its better to be reliable and moving. Li Juan doesnt cheat or take chances. Based on data-driven, she takes heart as the key weapon, which is related to the interest points. She explains clearly in advance and strives for the maximum benefit for her as far as possible to ensure the core demands of customers.

In the end, the customer achieved more than expected gains, greatly improved Li Juans recognition, and directly and indirectly introduced 9 customers after the transaction.

After 12 years of work, how to keep passion?

With Li Juans strength, she has already mastered the operation process. But whenever she meets customers, she will still be full of passion for service, from the heart of recognition work, to ensure the quality of service. A positive energy field will generate a positive cycle, and the signals transmitted will be responded to. After being recognized by customers and the industry, it will have more power output.

Li Juan has always been enthusiastic and motivated to learn. She pays close attention to the top colleagues with outstanding performance and constantly learns from them. She also pays close attention to the new generation in the company, believing that everyone can learn something more or less.

In Li Juans view, the real estate industry is highly competitive, and only if it continues to grow, can it not be out of date and remain excited. Just like Li Juans signature, the advantages of the present will be replaced by future trends. In order to maintain competitiveness, it is necessary to constantly improve and keep iterating.

To be a five-star agent with only 11 employees in Beijing is a great honor. For Li Juan, it is more like an extension of her wonderful career, because she always keeps the mentality of a new person in the industry to learn and advance.

In the era of the Internet, we should not only consolidate what we have already had, but also keep learning new things. Li Juan said.