Small win Technology Cheng Shaoyong: new regulations on Internet loans enhance the confidence of the loan assistance industry, and financial technology will usher in great development

 Small win Technology Cheng Shaoyong: new regulations on Internet loans enhance the confidence of the loan assistance industry, and financial technology will usher in great development

The loan assistance industry has been officially regulated and entered the golden development period

The introduction of the interim measures allows the loan assistance business to obtain regulatory approval and enter the compliance development channel. At the same time, the policy also allows other institutions around online loan business, such as big data, risk control modeling, intelligent risk control and other companies, to develop healthily under the provisions of the Interim Measures. Therefore, 2020 is the first year for the compliance development of loan assistance business, and the industry is about to enter the golden development period.

First of all, starting from Internet finance, online lending business has experienced nearly 10 years of development, and has become mature. And Internet finance has spawned big data risk control and other technologies. Moreover, for those internet financial platforms with certain technical capabilities, the compliance development of loan assistance business and financial technology business is the best time for transformation under the background of current macro policy guidance.

Cheng Shaoyong said: according to the financial report of Xiaoying technology in the first quarter of 2020, the Internet financial technology company headed by Xiaoying technology has cooperated with more than 20 licensed institutions to carry out loan assistance business, and the proportion of institutional funds has reached 100%. With the promulgation of the interim measures, small win technology will deepen its cooperation with financial institutions in the future.

Secondly, from the market point of view, more and more small loans, consumer finance and small and micro enterprise loans tend to be online. Loan scenarios and application scenarios can also effectively support the development of online borrowing business. Although the whole ecology is still in the early stage, it is also the trend in the future.

Third, from the perspective of financial institutions, the industry has entered the flow era. In addition to traffic competition and scene competition, risk control competition with the help of technology is more considered. Financial technology, online loan business to sustainable development, we must do a good job in risk control. And it is a legal, compliance, scientific risk control.

According to the financial report of Xiaoying science and technology in the first quarter, as of March 31, 2020, institutional funds accounted for 81.66% of the sources of loans for Xiaoying technology platform. Compared with 50.2% at the end of the fourth quarter of 2019, it has a significant increase. At the same time, Xiaoying technology has obtained a total credit of 58.6 billion yuan from cooperative financial institutions, with a significant increase compared with 46.7 billion yuan at the end of 2019.

It is also understood that among the new loans on Xiaoying technology platform, the proportion of institutional funds has reached 100%. So far, Xiaoying technology has successfully completed the strategic transformation of the platform funding source from mainly individual investors to fully funded by financial institutions. Under the background of strict compliance access of financial institutions, the proportion of institutional capital and the index of institutional credit line of Xiaoying technology platform have both improved, which verifies that its asset quality and risk management ability have been highly recognized by many financial institution partners.

Online scene + multi intelligent platform, financial science and technology burst into greater development

Money spinner is a mobile internet intelligent product that focuses on daily consumption created by Xiaoying technology group. It takes user demand as the starting point, continuously innovates and moves forward. Through credit value-added services and diversified consumption scenarios, users can feel a more convenient and fluent consumption experience.

From the technical point of view, Xiaoying technology has continuously increased the investment in science and technology, combined with big data, deep learning and other technologies, to create a number of intelligent business platforms, and achieve the improvement of quality and efficiency of business and services.

Among them, winsafe smart win risk control platform, based on big data modeling score, is provided with preliminary review results by the automatic approval system, supplemented by cutting-edge risk analysis algorithm, which can quickly provide final decision. The online automatic approval rate of all orders reaches 99%, ensuring that the risk can be controlled to complete the second level approval operation more efficiently; the asset processing platform is guided by capital cost and user experience, Combined with machine learning and intelligent recommendation algorithm, it can independently recommend appropriate funds to assets, which greatly improves the docking efficiency of assets and funds, and effectively reduces the cost of funds. The fund docking platform uses standardized capital access process and data source, the highly available engine processes the docking process according to the rules, and conducts intelligent screening and online automatic matching according to the requirements submitted by the fund side. On the whole, the promulgation of the interim measures is to optimize the financing costs of small and micro enterprises and individuals in financial institutions, simplify business processes, make full use of financial technology, and let small and micro enterprises burst into a new vitality. At the same time, this is also a constraint on the healthy development of commercial banks online loan business, loan assistance companies and big data companies. Financial technology will usher in greater development in the field of online loans. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485