Li Guoqing: Dongcheng court rejected Yu Yus application for habeas corpus twice

 Li Guoqing: Dongcheng court rejected Yu Yus application for habeas corpus twice

Yu Yu, as an applicant, applied for the following items: 1. Forbidding the respondent from beating, threatening or abusing the applicant; 2. Prohibiting the respondent from harassing, tracking and contacting the applicant; 3. Forbidding the respondent to enter or approach the applicants residence.

The respondent is me, and the applicants residence is the real estate jointly registered in the names of both parties.

Thank Yu Yu for using his own method to help me prove to the court that the relationship between husband and wife is broken, thank you for your timely help!

Yu Yu himself succeeded in transforming his lethal mushroom tactics into invisible.

After both parties have reached and fully expressed consensus on whether the relationship is broken, it is expected that there should be no obstacle for the court to make a divorce judgment.

By the way, what are you going to say about the official seal and other things? If you dont make a sound for such a long time, you will be sure that you have acquiesced. Dont carry on with you. Its easy to hold back something wrong.

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