Is it reasonable for Xian car owners to charge 400 yuan for less than 3 km after a car accident?

 Is it reasonable for Xian car owners to charge 400 yuan for less than 3 km after a car accident?

At that time, the traffic light just turned red. I followed the car in front of me too tightly. After the front car braked, I stepped on the brake too late. As a result, the three cars rear ended, and the car in the middle couldnt continue driving. Mr. Zuo said that after the accident, they planned to privately contact the insurance company, but just met the traffic police of Yanliang traffic police brigade. At that time, when the rush hour was approaching, the traffic police were worried about the traffic jam, so they asked us to drag the car away and deal with the accident the next day.

Mr. Zuo said that later, the staff of Hengyun automobile maintenance Co., Ltd. in Yanliang District of Xian city came to the scene to tow the accident vehicle which could not be driven to the designated parking lot less than three kilometers away from the scene, and charged 400 yuan for towing.

As Mr. Zuo is fully responsible, the towing fees of other vehicles also need to be borne by Mr. Zuo. However, he thinks that the collection of the trailer fees is unreasonable. Its only about five minutes to drive from the scene of the accident to the parking lot. I dont know why the trailer fee is so expensive.

On the morning of July 24, the reporter of Huashang daily saw that it was written on the road traffic accident identification certificate issued by traffic police brigade of Yanliang Branch of Xian Public Security Bureau. At 4:40 p.m. on July 22, Mr. Zuo failed to keep the necessary safe distance from the vehicle in front when driving along the peoples route from east to west to Hongtai Hotel, causing a rear end collision accident and causing damage to the three vehicles u3002

According to the invoice received by Mr. Zuo, after tax, the total amount of rescue expenses is 400 yuan. The payee is Xian Yanliang District Hengyun automobile maintenance Co., Ltd., whose address is in the west section of Renmin Road, Yanliang District. The location of the maintenance company (parking lot) is about 3 km away from the scene of the accident, and the driving distance is about 6 minutes.

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