Man claims to spread sexually transmitted diseases in Xihu District Police: jailed

 Man claims to spread sexually transmitted diseases in Xihu District Police: jailed

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The man claimed to spread sexually transmitted diseases in West Lake District of Hangzhou and released suspected HIV positive photos

The photos of this article are all provided by micro blog users

In response to the Internet news that a man is going to spread sexually transmitted diseases maliciously in Xihu District, Hangzhou city, on the afternoon of July 22, the surging news learned from a staff member of the reception desk of Hangzhou public security bureau that the police had received the publics reflection on the above-mentioned situation and had launched an investigation as soon as possible.

On the 22nd, a netizen posted a screenshot saying that netizens named Daimeng XXX claimed to spread sexually transmitted diseases in Xihu District of Hangzhou. The above-mentioned screenshots show that Daimeng XXX once posted an article on his microblog to show his naked lower body and try on clothes in a popular business district in Hangzhou in early July. In addition, Daimeng XXX has posted a photo of the test paper with positive HIV test results and a picture of a medical college test report in Weibo.

The surging news noticed that Daimeng XXX claimed to be on the job, please call me eggshell apartment cleaner on the morning of 22nd, and showed the cleaning kit with eggshell apartment logo, the photos of acceptance sheet and the preview screenshot of the cleaners work order, and attached the self photo of him in the uniform of egg shell apartment cleaner.

The above-mentioned staff said that the pictures posted by Daimeng XXX in the microblog were taken during the training, and the training room was uninhabited. After verification, except for the trainer, the personnel did not contact other personnel and users of the company.

The above-mentioned staff stressed that at present, the cleaning service providers have reported to the police at the first time, and reported the relevant situation to the community and functional departments. At the same time, the rooms during the training period were completely and deeply killed.

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