Ma Sichun, a new special feature of buckwheat crazy growth, arouses directors tears

 Ma Sichun, a new special feature of buckwheat crazy growth, arouses directors tears

Netease Entertainment reported on July 24 that the movie buckwheat growing crazily, starring Ma Sichun, Zhong Chuxi and Huang Jingyu, supervised by Chen Zhengdao, edited and directed by Xu zhanxiong, and producer by Fujii Shu, will be released nationwide on August 25, the Chinese Valentines day. The film tells the story of three seemingly unrelated young people who have unexpected fate entanglement in the pursuit of love and ideal. In this special exposure, Ma Sichuns counseling bag attribute is fully revealed, which is in sharp contrast to the crazy Yunqiao in love and ideal. It is also a challenging scene, which makes the studio staff moved.

Ma Sichun is crazy about love

In the exposed special, Ma Sichun has casual long hair and a gorgeous yellow suit. He defends his little boyfriend behind his back and confronts the gangs, revealing the characters publicity everywhere. But outside the play, Ma Sichun is a complete counsellor. Even she cant help sighing: its too hard for me to act such a brave person when Im so counselled.

Whats more difficult is the scene of Yunqiao being raped. Ma Sichun, who has never played a similar role, deeply perceives the pain and despair of Yunqiao when he is forced to perform, showing an amazing explosive power and appeal. After the director yelled cards, Ma Sichun, who was too devoted, was once trapped in the depression of sadness. Her professional attitude and emotional expression infected the public, and the studio staff could not help but applaud her acting skills.

The fate of the three leading actors is interwoven in and out of the play

What is expected is not only the collision of Ma Sichun, Zhong Chuxi and Huang Jingyu, but also Chen Zhengdao, who once directed master hypnosis and master memory, and Fujii Shu, who was the planner and producer of July and Ansheng, is also the producer. In 2017, the script stage of buckwheat crazy growth won the best creative project award of venture capital unit of Shanghai International Film Festival; in 2020, buckwheat crazy growth was shortlisted for the Asia new award of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival.

The film buckwheat growing crazily is produced by Shanghai Jingshu culture and Beijing Light Film Co., Ltd., jointly produced by seven impression film and television media, Western Strait culture, CCTV central film culture, big player film media, Huarui film, Shanghai Jingshu film and Shanghai Kun entertainment culture. The film will be released nationwide on August 25, 2020 on Chinese Valentines day.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020