Sonik the hedgehog reveals its cool play on earth

 Sonik the hedgehog reveals its cool play on earth

Netease Entertainment reported on July 24 that Sonic the hedgehog, a Hollywood animated movie produced by Paramount Pictures Inc. and adapted from a world-famous game, has released a preview and art poster for Coldplay earth. In the preview, sonic broke into the earth from his own planet, and started a thrilling adventure with infinite joy and high energy. He was about to compete with Dr. egg head, the genius villain played by King Carey. Meanwhile, the neon elements of the new art posters exposed at the same time have a full sense of future. Sonic is cool and comes to unlock the fast new world. The film will be released on July 31.

Sonics debut on earth

This exposure of the Coldplay earth version of the preview reveals the hedgehog sonics reason for wandering the earth: in order to save my planet, I have to come to earth! Although shouldering heavy responsibilities, Sony, who is happy and lively, chooses to unlock the new world in a funny way. Sonik, who started the sucking and talking mode, boasted that he was handsome from head to toe with confidence, and asked after landing on the earth: where am I? What year is it now? Has Johnson become president? Thinking jumps so fast that one cant help laughing. Despite being chased by Dr. egg head, the villain played by King Carey, sonic, who first landed on the earth, is still playing hard. Tourists visiting the worlds largest rubber band ball even dont forget to bring a batch of souvenirs Whats more surprising is that sonic completed all kinds of games in the blink of an eye. Supersonic cool play skills are eye opening! The amazing sonic makes Dr. egg head scream out of control, reappearing the profound facial skill of the king of comedy. Because he coveted the super power of the outer world, Dr. egg head pursued sonik relentlessly, and fancy high-tech weapons appeared one after another, and the ultimate war of high-tech vs. super power was on the verge of breaking out.

The coolest blue friends make people love their childhood memories

Sonic, the most incomparable living treasure, is loved by audiences. The movie hedgehog Sonic went all the way to the box office of the 2020 world movie box office. Overseas artists have incarnated in Sonys tap water to create beautiful posters for sonic boys. The Art Poster exposed in the same period can be called an ingenious work. The simple neon light lines outline sonic, a fast running hedgehog, with white gloves, red running shoes, and flashing hedgehog head, which is vivid and shining! Overseas audiences think that in the movie sonic hedgehog, whether its Sonics Island, golden ring and sonic boom, all perfectly recreate the essence of the game. Only the sound effect of golden ring rings rings, which immediately brings people back to the game, is full of good memories.

Sonic the hedgehog, a Hollywood live action animated film produced by Paramount Pictures and adapted from world-famous games, will be released nationwide on July 31.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020