The film mortal resurrection releases the final notice of mysterious virus

 The film mortal resurrection releases the final notice of mysterious virus

Mysterious virus triggers biochemical crisis

Fatal resurrection this exposure of the mysterious virus preview, frightening to convey the end of the crisis when the sense of tension and suffocation. At the beginning of the preview, accompanied by the narration an ancient bacteria revived from it, the doomsday panic broke out in an instant, and the whole city was shrouded in a haze. The isolators and the infected compete for life and death. The sound of running feet, shouting, panting and crying runs through the whole warning, and the breath is very depressed. Whats more serious is that such strange bacteria will mutate rapidly and flood into human beings like beasts. The scene of doomsday seems like a new generation of biochemical crisis. At this point, the greed of human nature is also experiencing the ultimate test in the desperate situation.

The film mortal resurrection tells the story of the doomsday crisis caused by the resurgence of an ancient bacterium and its transformation into a virus due to climate warming. In the film, snow mountain bacteria spread with the water, crows and wolves howling all over the sky, creating a realistic sense of doomsday. It is worth mentioning that most of the scenes in the film are shot from the first perspective of the protagonist. A large number of hand-held follow-up pictures fully record the thrilling moment of the film, such as the running poison picture of extreme escape, the hand to hand fight with the isolators, and the life and death competition in the confined space, etc., which are very real visually.

Doomsday war epidemic rings the alarm ring

The reason why fatal resurrection has attracted great attention is that it is of great practical significance and Reflection on the global ecological environment crisis. In order to save his daughter, one of the most sentimental women is abandoned by the truck in order to survive. In addition, the love between the mistress and the infected husband embraces each other and leads to death is also shocking. The contrast between their selflessness and cruelty brings a touch of temperature to the film.

The film is not supported by the special effects of Hollywood disaster and personal hero complex, but only the sparks of human nature, love and desire in front of the disaster. It portrays the image of the characters based on the group images of the real people. Everyone deeply participates in the doomsday war epidemic and fully reveals the whole picture of human nature.

The film mortal resurrection is produced by Beijing juwu film and television culture media Co., Ltd.; it is produced by publicity and education center of Ministry of ecology and environment and Beijing juwu film and television culture media Co., Ltd.; and it is issued by Beijing basic point film and television culture media Co., Ltd.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020