Movie Mr. Miao announced unlock over 13

 Movie Mr. Miao announced unlock over 13

Netease Entertainment reported on July 24 that recently, the first batch of cinema movies and domestic Adult Animation Mr. Miao released a preview and poster of unlock over 13 years old. The release of new materials inherited the film dare to be the first characteristics. The theme of the preview is the choice between good and evil. The painting style is dark, but it conveys the warm attitude of live up to the good; the sharp lines make the audience praise hitting peoples heart and hitting the nail on the head. The film Mr. Miao and Dharma protector originated from Bu sifans original world outlook and took four years to produce. A few days ago, the film ranked third in cats eyes to be released animation list and was highly anticipated. The film will be officially released on July 31.

As one of the few independent graded animation in China, the film Mr. Miao is not only exciting in style, but also thoughtful in its theme. The release of the release of the over 13 unlock version of the trailer, is the theme of the film - good and evil choice as the main theme, to encourage everyone not only to maintain good, but also to be brave to speak for kindness.

On the one hand, the trailer denounces three kinds of absurd phenomena in the society in the tone of Ding Guo: the good people are paying, the bad guys are enjoying themselves, and the victims are forgotten. In real life, the phenomenon of not asking about those who sacrifice but only pursuing fame and wealth often happens. The film is criticizing this, and alert people not to forget the good pay, stick to the good.

On the other hand, the controversy about whether we should kill good people and save bad people in advance reflects the complex human nature of all living beings. And by showing the different choices made by different roles in extreme situations, it provides the audience with multi-dimensional thinking.

On the soundtrack, the film carefully customizes its own soundtrack according to the psychological atmosphere and plot of each scene. For example, in the battle scene, the film uses Chinese drums, chimes and other distinctive percussion instruments to reflect the sense of confrontation. On the screen, there are more than 1600 shots in 88 minutes, about 200 more than that of long films at the same time; there are more than 30 fantastic scenes in the film, more than twice that of ordinary animated films.

The film Mr. Miao is jointly produced by light color bar house film industry, Beijing Light Film Co., Ltd. and Gudong animation studio. It will be officially released on July 31.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020