The 94 year old queen of England finally changed her Rainbow Dress to wear a floral dress

 The 94 year old queen of England finally changed her Rainbow Dress to wear a floral dress

Perhaps because of her old age, Queen Elizabeth has not been so fond of Rainbow Dress in recent years, but she can not put down all kinds of broken flower elements. Although Im old, I still feel like a girl when I wear a floral skirt.

This floral dress adopts the design of nine point sleeve. The long and medium length skirt is suitable for the queen at this age. It can not only beautify the figure, but also not appear too exposed, so it looks young and energetic.

Pink small broken flower elements, I believe that every girl will like the classic. The queen also pays special attention to matching a set of pearl necklace and earrings, which fits her whole temperament very well and looks very noble.

Still the same dignified and unchanging hairstyle, wearing a yellow floral dress on a gray background, the queen is exquisite and capable, and 99 year old Prince Philip is the same frame, looking younger.

Xiaobian often thinks that if the queen is not the queen, it is estimated that she is also a fashion magnate with full style? Over 90 years old will also appear in the fashion week show, look at this exciting eyes and clothing fashion sense, is not inferior to other big stars in the same field.

The Queens sense of fashion is from a young age! How beautiful the queen looked when she was young! This picture of the Queens wedding can be said to be a glimpse of thousands of years, and now it looks very attractive.

See more white dress skirt, you can learn from the queen, the SCOTTISH PLAID elements as shawl, stitched in the long skirt, it is very personalized and does not lose texture.

When the queen was a little girl, she liked to wear various floral elements, but at that time, she chose some low-key dark colors. It seems that the queen and her family all love pearl necklaces~

The queen of England was in good shape when she was young. This bright yellow printed skirt can highlight her temperament. The waist closing style has a certain effect of being thin. I didnt expect that the queen also has the side of being a shy little girl.

Although the queen of England is 94 years old, she is not old at all. She not only shows her self-confidence, but also becomes a beautiful scenery in everyones eyes. This optimism is worth learning from.

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