hrilling! Iranian airliner was forced to land by us warplanes, the cabin shook and passengers screamed in panic

 hrilling! Iranian airliner was forced to land by us warplanes, the cabin shook and passengers screamed in panic

[global network report] on July 23, local time, a breathtaking scene appeared over Syria: an Iranian Mahan Airlines passenger plane was harassed and forced to land by two U.S. F-15 fighters, causing injuries to many people in the cabin.

The scene of the incident. Source: RT

According to Russia today (RT), the Iranian airliner was originally scheduled to fly from the Iranian capital Tehran to Lebanon. Unexpectedly, they were intercepted by two F-15 fighters near the Syrian Jordanian border. The airline said the plane had to quickly change its route and altitude as fighters approached, causing injuries to many passengers.

RT: Iran says its US fighters, not Israeli fighters, that intercepted the Iranian airliner over Syria

At the time of the incident, the scene in the cabin was in chaos. Live video shows that at that time, there was obvious shaking in the cabin of the Iranian airliner, and the screams of passengers kept coming and going. Another video showed a man with blood streaming from his forehead, while another passenger was lying on the floor. According to reports, the plane then landed safely.

After the incident, Iran responded quickly. Rt said Irans Foreign Ministry spokesman Mousavi said Irans permanent representative to the United Nations, Majid taht ravani, had informed UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. He also warned that the Islamic Republic of Iran will make the United States pay the price if the plane is injured on its way back to the Iranian capital, Tehran.

According to RT, the airliner returned to Tehran safely late on the 23rd, but at least three passengers on board were injured in the incident.

Early reports mainly based on witnesses on the plane said that the fighters coming to invade came from Israel. However, the commander of the Iranian airliner told Iranian media that fighter pilots in radio contact said they were the US air force. RT quoted the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) as saying that the US military base at TANF was in the area where the incident occurred.

To this incident, the US military side also made a quick response. According to Reuters, U.S. Central Command spokesman bill urban said the F-15 fighter carried out a standard visual inspection of a Mahan Airlines airliner tonight, keeping a safe distance of about 1000 meters (3280 feet) from the aircraft.

Visual inspection is to ensure the safety of coalition personnel at the ataf military base. As soon as the F-15 pilot recognized that the aircraft was a Mahatma aircraft, the F-15 retreated safely to a safe distance, urban said Urban added that the interception was conducted in accordance with international standards.

Iranian airliner intercepted by fighter planes, more than 150 people screamed and fell sharply

According to reports in Lebanon, the plane carried more than 150 people, and many passengers were slightly injured, and one of them was taken to a hospital.

Some passengers photographed the situation at that time. They could see that there were fighter planes flying near the aircraft, forcing the plane to drop sharply and jolt violently. The passengers screamed and the items in the cabin were scattered. Meanwhile, many passengers were injured and their faces were stained with blood.