A 24-year-old girl living in Zhaohe in Japan

 A 24-year-old girl living in Zhaohe in Japan

After all, in the fashionable streets of Ginza, few young people wear such clothes to work every day, which is more unusual than that of young girls in their twenties and eighties, who wear blue and gray Zhongshan suits in and out of SKP every day.

The girls name is u3086u3046u3086, 24 years old, graduated from fashion design school.

From inside to outside, she lived as if out of place in the last century.

His favorite idol is guanggenji, a popular male troupe in the 1980s;

The place where I work is a bookstore specialized in selling second-hand books;

The residence is also specially looking for the old house with the style of harmony decoration;

Even if you want to have a haircut, you have to look for an older barber shop.

She doesnt know much about the most popular stars, games, cartoons and so on.

He lives alone. His biggest hobby is to collect previous fashion magazines and imitate the clothes inside.

For example, the dress she wore in recording this program, a pink suit, learned from Yukiko Iwais dressing in those days.

He said that the reason why he would insist on retro dress up and integrate into life is partly because his family education was too strict when he was a child, and his parents had a lot of control, so he couldnt do what he liked at will.

When I grow up and leave home, I live alone, and I have independent economic ability. Finally, I can buy a beautiful small skirt and comb a bubble noodle roll to swagger through the market without scruple.

But not everyone can appreciate this retro charm.

Because of her outdated dress up, she is often ridiculed by others, thinking that she is a native from Yokohama.

A little girl always cares about the eyes and comments of the opposite sex. However, her old-fashioned dress is not popular with men. What kind of fresh-blooded boy and a girl who doesnt love fashion trends?

Although a lot of boys think Im vulgar, I dont want to change it. I think its very good all the time.

It seems that she doesnt like it. She prefers to be independent rather than change her own preference to get other peoples favor.

In the small world surrounded by circles, he enjoys himself.

She doesnt care about the strange look of the people around her. She wears the so-called old-fashioned clothes to work and go shopping. She has an open-minded attitude that its you who cant stand it, not me..

Showas idols and her singing skills have made her famous in the bar and made friends with a group of like-minded people.

Although he doesnt follow the mainstream aesthetic line, he will always meet a bosom friend even if he is a minoritys hobby.

She is naturally round and lovely, and her smile is extremely sweet and brilliant. Those so-called outdated skirts are not against the rules at all, but show the charm of Zhaohe era incisively and vividly.

In fact, fashion is a circle. Seemingly outdated styles will become popular again every other day.

Everyone has his or her own style of dressing and doesnt have to be trendy.

Even if others ridicule her for her selfishness, she is confident, optimistic and open-minded to show her own style, which is very beautiful in itself.

Not suitable for their own style of clothing, even if it is expensive brand, also wear not good-looking.

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