Neighbor of the murdered woman: met her husband on the 21st, and he covered his face with his arm

 Neighbor of the murdered woman: met her husband on the 21st, and he covered his face with his arm

For the network transmission Xu a department of property staff, familiar with the monitoring position. Sanbao Beiyuan property staff responded that Xu was not a property worker and had no relationship with the property.

At about 9:50 a.m. in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on July 24, several investigators came to the scene of the crime and continued to collect evidence. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Neighbor: no abnormal sound was heard during the crime

According to upstream news reports, a 53 year old woman in Zhejiang has been mysteriously missing for 18 days: no trace has been captured by surveillance, no one has been found in the neighborhood, and a woman has been killed in Zhejiang for 19 days, her husband is the murderer, and the objects involved in the case are found in the septic tank. according to the previous reports, a 53 year old woman came to Huili and Ling Chen lost from her home on July 5. The family members alerted the police after they did not find any trace of them.

On July 23, the police issued a notice saying Lai Huili had been killed and her husband, Xu, was under serious suspicion and had been taken criminal coercive measures. On the same day, upstream news reporters at the scene saw that the police from Huilis residential quarters in the septic tank pulled out the items involved.

On July 24, the upstream journalists came to Sanbao Beiyuan community again, and saw that the septic tank surrounding the community was still blocked, but there was no figure of police handling the case. The residents of the community get together to discuss the homicide in the community. The notice in the elevator hall has been torn off.

The neighbor downstairs told the upstream news reporter that the family who came to Huili didnt have much contact with their neighbors. However, many people in the community knew that Xus family was from Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. After marriage with Lai Huili, he moved to Sanbao Beiyuan.

At seven or eight oclock on the 21st morning, I met him in the elevator. Out of concern, I asked if his wife had been found. He put his hand against the inner wall of the elevator, buried his head under his arm and said, she cant go out alone. She will come back when she goes out with others.. On the morning of the 22nd, we met again in the park, and he said hello to me with a smile on his bicycle The neighbor who came to Huili downstairs said that he did not hear any abnormal sound or flush the toilet in the night of the crime. See the network spread Xu Mou in the home to fragment the bodys guess, cant believe. The neighbors who came to Huili Building also confirmed that on July 4 and 5, there was no special sound coming from the 8th floor.

On July 24, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the notice of looking for someone in the elevator hall of laihuili community has been cleared. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Property: Xu is not a property worker

After the crime, some netizens mentioned that the neighbors were afraid to go home because of the homicide. In response, several neighbors said: we dare not let children go out until the case is solved. We are really afraid to have such a person in the community. Now that the case is solved, Im relieved. Several neighbors said they did not understand Xus wife killing behavior.

On July 24, reporters from upstream saw the scene still blocked at the entrance of Room 802, building 4. At 9:50 a.m., several police officers came to Room 802 with tools to continue the investigation and handling of cases.

Hangzhou strange missing woman killed, husband is under serious suspicion, has been taken compulsory measures (source: original)

For the former netizens praised a certain department of property staff, so that they can monitor the community like the palm of ones hand. On July 24, Sanbao Beiyuan property staff in response to upstream news reporters said that they had noticed the information released on the Internet, but the news was not true. Xu is not a community property staff, also has no relationship with the property.

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