The film money fan of journey to the West

 The film money fan of journey to the West

Netease Entertainment reported on July 24 that the classic version of journey to the west starring the old team of the modern comedy film money fan was finally officially announced and put on file. On July 25, the film was jointly starred by the actor of Monkey King, six little children, and co starred by Ma Dehua, Wang Yue, and Liu Dagang, the sequel of Sha Seng. It is reported that this is also the first time that journey to the west master and apprentice work together.

On the new distribution mode of film by online film

Recently, director Dong Dong disclosed that the film money fan will explore a new distribution mode - the online film. Different from the traditional film distribution, it is shown in advance on iqiyi network platform, and then released in cinemas.

Director Dong Dong Dong said: at the beginning, this idea was born as a kind of self-help under the epidemic situation. China is the worlds largest holder of movie tickets, and the most popular spring festival stalls can generate 1.5 billion box offices a day. 2020 is the most extraordinary year for Chinese films. Due to the impact of the epidemic, cinemas across the country have been closed for more than half a year. When a film is released, the network is prior to the cinema. This distribution strategy is not common in the Chinese film market, which also provides a new distribution idea for the industry

Im still a film rookie

The movie money fan is a comedy film that the four masters and apprentices try to star for the first time. Comedy is one of the most difficult forms of performance art. As a national first-class actor, liuxiaolingtong is also very difficult to perform in the face of comedy. The words I am still a new film player are often talked about.

The new edition of money fan announces six childrens pocketing money, the second elder martial brother becomes a big thief

Recently, the producer released a action version notice again. In the film, the six children are armed, dressed in black, with their heads covered and their faces covered. They go to the bank with a cane and a sack to get money. They dont want to be caught by security guards as robbers. On the other hand, Ma Dehua, the mysterious second elder martial brother, became a big robber. He sneaked into the secret room of six little childrens money hiding in the middle of the night, and the robbers were found, and they fought each other.

Directed by Dong Dong, a young Chinese director, Liu Dagang and led by Liu Xiaoling, the comedy film money fans tells a series of hilarious and warm stories about Hao Kunpeng (Liu Xiaolingtong), a special money fan, who became rich overnight. The film is scheduled to premiere in iqiyi on July 25.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020